David Blaine Coin Bite Trick Revealed

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In this coin bite trick, Blaine performs on the street to some random strangers. He asks one of the spectators to hand him a quarter. He then takes the quarter and bites part of it off. He talks about making metal consistency before taking the bite. The trick does not end there because he mysteriously spits back the other half back in place. The spectators are amazed.  So, how did he make the metal coin consistent?


This is a very simple trick when you understand everything that is happening in the video. It’s obvious that no one can really bite off part of a quarter. So, now we know it’s a trick, but how did he pull it off?  This trick involved a gimmicked coin. The gimmicked coin is already in two parts attached by some rubber bands so that it can fold and unfold. When the spectator hands him their coin, he cleverly swaps the real coin with the gimmicked one. Swapping items especially coins is a technique all magicians perfect with time.When Blaine pretends to bite the coin, he is actually folding the coin with his fingers. The next trick is making the coin whole again. Blaine seems to spit the other part of the coin back to its place but that is not the case, all he does is release the rubber band and the coin is restored. At this point, the spectators are very excited and when he swaps the coin with the real one, no one is in a position to notice. He then hands back the coin he had borrowed and it’s just as he had received it.


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