David Blaine Bullet Catch Secrete Revealed.

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In this trick, David Blaine wants to show everyone that he can stop a bullet with his mouth. Not just any bullet, but a bullet from a 22 caliber rifle. Have you heard of magicians who died trying to stop a bullet with their teeth? I can mention some, but that is a story for another day. Well, Blaine decides to be a little cautious by using a mouth guard and a steel cup in his mouth. That’s the way to go Blaine!All this is done in a studio which is well lit with high-end cameras and TV producers to capture all the action in the best way possible. The shooter is a close friend to Blaine and also a magician. Blaine lets the other magician shoot the steel cup which he is holding in his hand to test the impact of the bullet. Even after feeling the impact, he still decides to carry on. He then positions himself in front of the rifle and cameras ready to take the bullet, Both Blaine and the shooter are asked if they are ready and they both give the signal to carry on. The shooter takes the shot and we see it hit the steel cup producing some smoke. The crowd cheers and we are all relieved that nothing bad happened.

David Blaine’s Bullet Catch Trick Revealed

Is Blaine Crazy enough to let anyone shoot a bullet in his mouth? Of course not, In this day and age, Blaine knows all too well that the same effect can be achieved by clever video editing. There is no way he can risk his life in such a manner. His producers also cannot let him do that. So how does he actually perform this trick? As I said earlier, we live in a world of clever editing and gimmicking, just as we see in the movies. Blaine uses exactly that to perform this trick. First of all, two videos were shot. When Blaine is standing in front of the rifle, no gun was fired; the sound was artificially created while the bullet we see is from another video recording. The cup in his mouth is somehow special in such a way it produces some sort of smoke when triggered, maybe remotely. The cup also vibrates to create the effect of the bullet hitting its target. So, how about the slow motion videos? Trust me that was the work of some experienced video editors. Something is shot into Blaine’s mouth but rest assured it wasn’t a bullet. Whatever it was, the editors did a pretty good job to make us believe it was a bullet but I promise you it posed no danger to David Blaine.

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