Ricky Gervais Needle Trick

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In this trick, David Blaine does one of his best tricks that left everyone shocked. He is seen sticking a very huge needle straight through his arm. He does this while Ricky Gervais is just a few inches from him. Furthermore, he does this very relaxed without any sign of pain or discomfort. We can tell for sure that Ricky was shaken by the whole performance and wants Blaine to stop hurting himself. Blaine pushes the needle until it can be seen coming out from the other side. Ricky is in disbelief and is cursing all the way through the performance.  Blaine lets Ricky examine his arm closely before asking him to assist in pulling the needle out. Ricky then slowly pulls out the huge needle while in shock. After the whole performance, there is no scar or blood on Blaine’s arm and as he leaves Ricky, you can tell how shaken Ricky Gervais was.


David Blaine’s Ricky Gervais Needle Trick Revealed

Blaine is a very dedicated magician and for that, he can go to extreme lengths to perform a trick. When he performed this trick, you can clearly see that no trickery was involved. Ricky was a just a few inches from him and witnessed the whole thing. So, did Blaine perform a real magic? Is there anything like real magic? There must be an explanation for all this. The explanation I have for you involves some medical condition which is very rare called Fistula. You can look it up and find out more about the condition. All in all, this condition allows you to push objects through your body without damage or even blood. There is a man who would get stabbed with swords without harming him, this man had this condition called fistula. I actually think that Blaine went to great lengths by inducing fistula on his arm. With the kind of dedication this guy has, there is no knowing what he will do next. How do you induce fistula? This involves constantly piercing your arm with a needle until you create a path of scar tissue in your body. Blaine did exactly that, probably it took him years to achieve this kind of result but he did it.

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