Frog Trick: How did David Blaine made a Frog appear from his Mouth? Secret Explained.

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David Blaine’s Frog trick

This is an amazing trick that Blaine performed on Drake, Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry and other spectators. Before performing this trick he sometimes asks the spectators to confirm that nothing is in his mouth. Blaine then drinks some water and what happens next is very shocking. He starts to remove live frogs from his mouth, yes, live frogs! Not only does he get a frog from his stomach but he also swallows it back. Everyone is shocked.


You can look into all videos frame by frame to find where the trick is but you will not find any. Blaine swallows live frogs and regurgitates them alive. So, this is not a trick but an actual real performance. How he regurgitates the frogs, only he can tell us. You might be interested to know that he is not the first person or magician to do this. About 100 years ago, there was a person who called himself the human aquarium. This guy would swallow up to a dozen different types of animals and then regurgitate them one by one, alive. Blaine does the same thing, it’s not clear whether the frogs go down to the stomach or they are somewhere along the esophagus. But one thing is clear; the frogs are not comfortable inside the human body because of the high temperatures and gastric acid inside the stomach. This is why they are easily regurgitated. So if you are interested in removing frogs from your mouth, unfortunately for you, you have to really swallow them. As for David Blaine, I sincerely hope that in future he doesn’t swallow or regurgitate any kind of animal. It’s so disturbing.

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