Tyara Bank Card Trick by David Blaine

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In this tricks, he asks Tyra to pick any card from his deck of cards. Tyra chooses the two of spades which she shows us. Blaine doesn’t know the card she picked. He then attempts to guess which card it was. He tells her it’s the ace but we both know she had chosen two of spades. To make up for that mistake, he tears the Ace and gives her the torn pieces to hold on to. He then asks her which card she had picked. He then searches through the cards and gets the two of spades. He then places it on top of the deck. After doing this, he then mysteriously changes the two of spades and now the top card is the aces. Unbelievably, after Tyra looks at the torn two aces, it mysteriously had changed to her two of spades. She is dumbfounded. Blaine does not stop there; he takes the torn pieces of the Ace card and shows it to the audience. He then gives the pieces back to Tyra and tells her to squeeze them together tightly. After opening up her hands, she is shocked to find out that the torn card is now whole again.

David Blaine’s Tyra Banks card Trick Revealed

First, Blaine forced the two of spades card on Tyra by using a technique called classic force. So, he already knew the card she picked. He also had another two of spades card on the top of the deck and the aces right under it. Blaine pretends to search for the card Tyra had picked by double lifting the top two cards and showing her that he had made a mistake and chosen the wrong card. When he returns the cards back and tears the top card, he is actually tearing the two of spades. But Tyra thought the top card was the ace but instead she is holding a torn two of spades. He then shows her the top card is two of spades and then uses the shapeshifter sleight of hand technique to bring the aces on top. Tyra is then asked to check her card and to her amazement, it’s the two of spades. He then takes the torn two of spades to show the audience, if you look closely you will see the hand that took the torn two of spades is not the same that gives Tyra back the torn card. Blaine has already swapped the torn card with the two of spades. So when Tyra squeezes the torn card and opens her hand, she is shocked to find that the card on her hand is not torn into pieces but a whole card.

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