Is David Blaine Fake or Real?

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Is David Blaine fake or real? This question has quite taken a spot in the magic world. But before I reveal the truth lets do a short background check on this guy, shall we?

David Blaine is and will remain to be one of the best magicians to ever walk on this earth. Why? There is no knowing what he will do next. This is a guy who has performed magic tricks on the streets and on famous celebrities from all over the world. He even did a magic trick on the president of United States of America at that time, George Bush.  David Blaine is also a favorite to many because not only does he perform tricks but he also does endurance feats on his body.

David Blaine is a guy who is in the Guinness book of records for enduring under water for a whole 17 minutes and 4 seconds. That is not the only endurance he has performed, others are like being buried alive and being frozen in ice. He has also transformed his stomach into an aquarium by swallowing frogs and regurgitating them alive. Who does that?

However, you can’t succeed in being a magician without using a trick here and there. Blaine has performed many tricks especially card tricks that are really awesome. What amazes everyone including myself is his capability to read people’s minds. For this, you can also call him a mentalist like what he did on Jimmy Fallon; He studied his body language and would tell what card was on Jimmy’s mind. That was very impressive.

Why is he so successful? Blaine is not your ordinary magician. He puts a lot of hard work to achieve his goals. Before he entered in the Guinness book of record for enduring in water for a long time, he had tried it so many times. He almost even drowned when attempting to break that record. So, this is a guy that does not give up. He is always pushing his body to the limit. Like when he pushed a needle through his arm in the presence of Ricky Gervais. That was very disturbing to look at, but he looked so calm and collected. For him to achieve that, he must have endured a lot of pain. That shows how dedicated he really is to become and remain the best.

So, seriously, is David Blaine Fake or real?, that I will let you decide. This is a person who does some amazing magic tricks and does some other extreme things without any form of trickery.

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