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This one here is a great magic trick that left Jimmy Fallon and Spectators really amazed. It was also performed on Jimmy Fallon’s show. It all started by giving jimmy his deck of cards. The cards had already been shuffled. You can see Blaine clearly do this as he engages a talk with Jimmy and the other spectators. He then asks Jimmy to take out 5 cards. Out of those cards, Blaine asks Jimmy to pick one of the cards and remember it. Blaine then managed to name all 5 cards that Jimmy had picked and also the card he was thinking of. He did this by mind reading.

Jimmy Fallon Mind Reading Card Trick Revealed

If you pay close attention when Blaine is doing the shuffling, you will realize that he is not really shuffling the cards. He is doing what we call false shuffling and I must admit he is very good at it. He is doing this while talking to his spectators and Jimmy. This is to make sure that they don’t really pay much attention to how he is shuffling the cards.  To do this correctly, Blaine had already memorized the whole deck of cards. So, he knows where each card is positioned. When Jimmy picks the five cards, Blaine just looks at his deck and instantly knows all five cards Jimmy has. The next challenge is knowing which card Jimmy is thinking of, Not really a challenge but he has to pay close attention to Jimmy’s body language. This is the reason he names all cards in Jimmy’s position and lets him repeat after him. When doing this, he knows the card Jimmy is thinking of by carefully noticing slight changes in Jimmy’s  facial expression when he mentioned ‘Seven’ and ‘hearts’. Blaine is very good at reading body language. This is the reason he was able to pull this off without any problems.

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