Tell me when to stop card trick tutorial revealed

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Tell me when to stop card trick begins with four cards laid face down on the table. You then start riffling through the deck and have your spectator tell you when to stop. When they do, you flip the upper part of the deck, saying that their first selection will be the first face down card you can find. After putting the cards back together, you do that again. You do that four times. After that, you reveal your prediction cards. Then, as you reveal the selected cards, they appear to be matching the other cards. For example, if you have a 7 of hearts as a prediction card, one of the selections will be the 7 of diamonds, the same going for clubs and spades. You can use the soul-mates of the cards or even write the prediction on pieces of paper.


Tell me when to stop card trick revealed

This is another trick that needs a setup. First of all, you need to pick four cards in ascending order. Let’s say we reveal the cards in a certain order, giving each card a letter: a, b, c, d. The order in which you have to set your predictions up is d, a, c, b. With the prediction cards aside, you take the first and second card, then the third and four and place them face to face. Between these cards, you need two other random cards that are placed face to face. So, on the top of the deck, you will have your a and b cards, then the two random cards, then c and d. After you’ve done that, all you have to do is riffle through the cards. You have to make sure you get past the cards that are facing up at the top of the deck. Every time you stop and set a card down, put the top pile under the one that you took the card from.

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