4 Aces Card Trick and Out of Order Card Trick

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For this 4 aces card trick, you will first have the deck split into four piles. Then you flip the piles, exposing their bottom cards. Now you take the revealed card from each pile. Then you turn the cards over, and with a shake or a snap of your fingers, you will turn them into aces.

4 Aces Card Trick Revealed

In order to get this trick right, you have to place 3 aces on the top of the deck and one on the bottom. When you make the four piles, one ace will be facing up, while the others will be on the bottom of the last pile. As you take the first card off the pile with the three aces, you have to get a pinky break at the three aces. That way, when you take the top card, you also take the aces with it. For the next two piles, you only take the top card. When you get to the last pile, you set it on top, then, while holding on to the bottom aces, you take out the rest of the deck. Just like that, you have the four aces in your hand. See this cool video on how to perform 4 Aces Card Trick.

  • Out of order Card Trick

You begin this trick by showing the spectator that the cards are mixed up. Then, you can have the spectators cut the cards as many times as they like. After that, you deal the cards into 3 piles. You have to do it fast because you’re going to have to deal the cards two more times. After you’ve done it once, you show the spectator the mixed cards again. Once again, the spectator can cut them, and once again, you have to deal them into three piles. Then, you give the cards a few cuts. Now you deal the cards in four columns, and after you reach 12, the next card will be an ace. Start dealing from the beginning, and once again, the 13th will be an ace. Do that 4 times for all the aces. Then, the 12 small piles on the table will be the 2s, the 3s, and so on, all the way to the kings.

Out of Order Card Trick Revealed.

The setup: First, you set all the suits ace through king. Then you deal 3 piles for yourself, having one extra card at the end. Take the pile with the extra and put it on top of the other two. Now the cards are mixed, even if you cut the cards, as long as you cut them top to bottom. Every time you deal the cards in 3 piles, put the pile with the extra on top. The second time you deal them, you have to cut them so you get an ace on the bottom. Now the cards are set up for the final part, thanks to math.

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