SLOP Card Trick: This is how you do the famous SLOP card trick.

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The SLOP card trick is a pretty old card trick and needs a very little setup. As usual, the first thing you have to do is have a spectator pick a card. After they pick it, have them place the card back in the deck. Then, cut the cards a few times and shuffle it. For the next part, you want to 3-4 cards at a time and place them face up, then the next cards face down until you reach the bottom of the deck. This is called a sloppy shuffle, hence the SLOP. Then, you show the spectator a few cards from the deck, so they can see that they’re pretty mixed up. With a snap of your finger, you will have the entire deck arranging itself. Then, as you lay the deck down, the only card facing up will be the selected card.


All the preparation you need is to give the deck a little bend forward. Then you must cut the deck at about ¾ of the cards and have the spectator place the card on top of the bottom quarter of the deck. Now, as you put the cards on top of that, you have to perform a pinky break (explained in the first trick). Now, as you cut the deck again, you will take their card to the top. Next, you have to shuffle. This time, you take their card to the bottom, by sliding it from the top when you begin shuffling. Next step is the sloppy shuffle, at the end of which you will have to place their card face down on top of the cards. Now, you take a portion of the first half, showing them that some of the cards are front to back, do the same with a portion from the bottom. If you look at the deck from a side, you can see that a difference between the halves, which is why you bend the cards before. Now you give the deck a little push from under, which will naturally separate the cards from that position, revealing 2 cards that are back to back. Finally, you flip the top portion and put it on top of the other. This will set the selected card face up, while all the others are face down. Here’s a video for slop card trick tutorial

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