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You start the lucky 7 card trick by going through the cards, placing a few of them face down in a pile. You tell the spectator that your lucky number is 7. You locate a 7 and place it face up on top of that pile, then put the remaining cards on top of it. Now the 7 is the only card facing up in the deck. Have the spectator cut about one-third of the deck, then two-thirds of the remaining cards. Now you have two piles. Shuffle the remaining cards and give them a cut. The bottom card of the pile you just cut is the spectator’s card. Put that pack on top of the first pile. After that, you look for the face-up in the deck. You put it on top of the deck, then tell the spectator that you will go for three 7s, just like in a casino. Every time you count, put the seventh card face down on the table, then put the deck aside. Now you take the three cards and move the top one to the bottom 6 times. The 7th card is the selected one.

Lucky 7 card trick revealed

Explanation of Lucky 7 Card Trick

Lucky 7 card Trick Tutorial

First, count 20 cards from the bottom of the deck, then place a 7 in closely after them. Then, you have to place 20 cards on the table, as you look for the 7. The spectator must not know that there are 20 cards on the table. After locating the 7, place it face up on that pile and put the rest of the deck on top. Then the spectators cuts one-third of the deck, then two-thirds of the remaining. The second cut will include the lucky 7. Their card will be selected out of the remaining cards and put on the first pile. The remaining cards out of that pile go under the ‘7’ pile, then that on top of the first.All you have to do now is locate the 7, bring it, along with the following cards on top of the deck, and the trick will work.

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