David Blaine trick on Jimmy Kimmel Show

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David Blaine is invited to Jimmy Kimmel’s show and performs an awesome magic trick on Jimmy. First, he gives Jimmy a sharpie without telling him how he would use it. He then shuffles his deck of cards and asks Jimmy to pick one card. Jimmy picks a card which he shows to the audience; it’s a seven of hearts. Blaine then tells Jimmy to look at the sharpie he had given him. To everyone’s amazement, it was written seven of hearts. Blaine does not stop there; he tells Jimmy to write his signature on the seven of hearts card and then puts it in the middle of the deck. He then asks Jimmy to choose a lady from the audience whom he asks to name any suit and she says hearts. The deck in Blaine’s hand starts to shrink and the remaining cards are all hearts plus the signed card.

David Blaine trick on Jimmy Kimmel Revealed

The first part of the trick is pretty simple and Jimmy knew what had happened. He even tells Blaine that the seven of hearts he chose had been forced on him. The sharpie given to Jimmy is just an ordinary sharpie that is usually written seven of hearts. Blaine then forced the seven of hearts card on Jimmy. So, when Jimmy picked the seven of hearts card, it was the exact card that Blaine wanted him to pick.


David blaine trick on jimmy kimmel live

The second part of the trick is much more interesting but not as complicated as it seems. He uses a technique called ‘multiple outs’. This means he had several tricks lined up depending on what suit the lady chose. The deck of cards appears more than they really are but this is just a visual illusion. Blaine had already switched the cards to hearts only and all he did is hold them in a way that they had spaces in between them to look more than they really were.



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