David Blaine levitation : How exactly does David Blaine Levitate Himself? Secretes Revealed.

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We have all witnessed different amazing tricks being performed by magicians but there is one trick that we will never get enough of. That is the trick or illusion of a floating man. David Blaine performed this trick in the middle of the street and three ladies can be seen behind him all amazed and dumbfounded by what they saw. Both of his feet slowly rise up, and remains floating for about 5 seconds so, how did he do it? Here’s the secret behind the David Blaine Levitation Trick.

David Blaine Levitation ( Balducci Levitation ) Revealed

Did Blaine convince you that he really levitated? I f he did, I am here to tell you that you have been lied to. Several techniques have been used to manipulate people that he actually floated off the ground. First, two videos were shot. When we see Blaine levitating, he actually has some hidden wires attached to him that lift him off the ground. When he did this, there were no spectators.

This is called Balducci levitation. Those ladies we see are from another video that was shot separately. This is what we call video editing, whereby several videos recorded at different times are combined to appear like one video. When you pay close attention, you will notice that the three ladies cannot be seen clearly in the time of the levitation. All you see is someone wearing the same clothes as one of the spectators. This is dependent on the angle by which the video was taken. At no given time are we shown Blaine and the three ladies when he is actually levitating. That is deliberate so that you don’t see what is really happening.

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