10 Best David Blaine Magic Tricks.

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David Blaine has never ceased to amaze us with his magic tricks. From Levitation to Drowning he has some awesome skills up his sleeve. Here are 10 awesome David Blaine Magic tricks.

  • Arm Twist

This secret lies in how the arm is placed before starting to rotate. His arm is already twisted before placing it down and because he is wearing a long sleeve shirt, you will not notice the twisted hand. When he starts to rotate his arm, he is simply untwisting it and pretending to be in pain.

  • Cigarette through a coin

So how does he do this? The magician uses two coins and a cigarette to perform this trick. One coin is real that he gives the audience to examine it before the performance, while the other coin is gimmicked. By gimmicked, I mean he uses a coin that has a hole at the middle that opens up when you push the cigarette in and automatically closes when it passes through. So as to leave the audience in awe, he secretly swaps the fake coin with a normal one and shows it to the audience to closely examine and see it’s real.

  • Drowned alive


David Blaine was able to hold his breath under water for 17 minutes and 4 seconds which was a new world record. So was this one of his tricks? Blaine was invited to Ted talk show and he revealed how he managed to stay under water for 17 minutes. He did this through hard work, practice and determination and no illusion was used. This David Blaine Magic is a mystery. No one knows how he did this stunt.

  •  Fly Resurrection

In this trick, he takes a “dead” fly in his hand and resurrects it. To do this, he catches a fly and induces a coma to the fly by freezing it in ice or a freezer. To resurrect it, he uses heat from his hands to bring it back to life.

  • Mind reading with numbers


Is there anything like mind reading? Blaine asks a member of the audience to choose a number, let’s say from 1 to 10 or maybe 50 to 100. How does he know the numbers that will be chosen? Well, he doesn’t. It just happens that when people are asked to choose a number between 1 to 10, most people will choose 7 and between 50 to 100, most people choose 68. He, therefore, relies entirely on statistics and a bit of luck because it does not always work. Experiment with your friends and you will be surprised how accurate this can be.

  • David Blaine Magic Shoe Lace trick

David Blaine’s Shoelace Trick Revealed

This is an impressive David Blaine Magic trick that seems to work very well on kids. So, how does he do it? It’s pretty simple and silly may be. Here, he uses two shoelaces and some kind of a thread slightly longer than his leg. One shoelace is already tied on the shoe while the other shoelace is tied at the center by the thread and pulled up inside the trouser up to his waist. He then uses the bottom part of his pants to hide the already tied shoelace and exposes the fake shoelace that is untied. To create the impression that he is tying his shoelaces with no contact, he simply shakes his leg while at the same time pulling the thread that is tied to the fake shoelace. By doing the fake shoelace disappears while the real shoelace is exposed creating the illusion that he has done that without touching them.

  • Katy Perry Alligator – David Blaine Magic

He said he would pull out a bunny from her purse but instead pulled out an alligator. This is a very simple trick if done right and this is how he did it; the alligator was already hidden under the table by a member of his team or himself. To pull out the alligator, he places her purse in such a way that Katy Perry cannot see what is going on under the table. The camera is also placed in a position that the audiences at home cannot see what is happening either.
To make this even more interesting, he tells her that he would pull out a bunny but instead pulls out the alligator which was pretty cool and exciting.

  • Harrison Ford Trick


In this David Blaine magic trick, Blaine removes a card Ford is thinking of after cutting a lemon.
To do this trick, Blaine relies on a bit of luck on his side. He first hands Ford a deck of cards. He then tells Ford to think of any card. To do this correctly, the deck on Ford’s hands contains only a few cards repeated several times. This is part of the trick and Blaine knows the cards that are not regularly picked. Blaine then tells Ford to check if he has the card he was thinking of: the card is obviously not there, Good for you Blaine! He then asks Ford to name the card he was thinking of and quickly gets it in his hand already rolled up. He then asks Ford to choose any fruit which he cuts in half. To cleverly fix the card in the lemon, Blaine has to cut the fruit himself to successfully complete the trick.

  •  Emma Stone Trick

In this trick, Blaine stands with his hand held up while Emma is spraying a deck of cards on that hand. We are then made to think that the card he catches is the one a member of the audience was thinking of. The downside to this is that we were not really shown who was thinking of that card what card they chose. So, Blaine just pulled up a card from, probably his sleeve and made everyone to think he chose the right card by forcing it on someone. It’s pretty impressive because the audience does not that the card they picked was exactly what he wanted them to pick.

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