Jay Sankey Magic: A list of best Magic Tricks by Magician Jay Sankey and how to do it Revealed.

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Jay sankey magic tricks revealed

Jay Sankey is a big name in magical spheres and corridors. He has contributed immensely to the development of magic for over three decades. Jay Sankey is also hailed and recognized as the man who holds the record for creating the most tricks ever. He started performing in the 80’s and has never looked back. His style and presence have inspired many and most of those who have been inspired by the man never fail to give him credit. Over the years, he has performed many tricks and illusions that have gained him quite a reputation. Here are some of his best Jay Sankey Magic Tricks till date.

Jay sankey magic tricks revealed

  1. The Disappearance of the Toronto Tower.

Sankey spent a lot of time creating this illusion. He also had to employ the services of props, groundsmen, and even a professional actor. But the act came together in such an incredible way that he himself admitted that he did not expect such success with it. The illusion basically involved tricking and a crowd to believe that one of Canada’s biggest landmarks – The Toronto Tower, had indeed disappeared. However, before the stunt was executed there was some trouble in finding the right spot for the illusion. It had to be somewhere where the scope of vision was narrow for an easier deception.


Jay sankey magic trick ” The Disappearance of the Toronto Tower” revealed

So how did he do? Jay made sure that the spot for the location was perfect. After locating a spot, he created a really tall prop of the Toronto tower that was so life-like, it would have tricked anyone. He then had his people secretly hoist the prop till it was completely straight. They actually did this early in the morning. A crowd of people was then tricked by the actor to believing that there were some people who were bungee jumping from the tower. Sankey even had the local radio tapped so that they had control. With this control, they announced that some people were bungee jumping from the tower. This really convinced the people that indeed there were some jumpers. Everyone in the spot was directed by the hired actor towards the fake tower. After a while, the real act came into play. Another groundsman who was passing by appeared to hit the actor’s bag which was filled with glassy objects. The bag came crashing down which surprisingly drew everyone’s attention to the floor. This gave the crew enough time to pull down the fake tower giving an impression like it had disappeared. When most of the crowd members lifted their heads, the tower was gone leaving them in utter dismay.

  1. The Penny Deception

That Jay was able to trick one of the most celebrated magicians (Penny and Teller) just goes to show how much of a genius he really is. In this trick, Sankey brought out a deck of cards and pulled it in front of him. Out of the blue, a card from the deck mysteriously started levitating. This trick was for a very long time been associated with mechanical decks or a piece of thread that would be used to hoist the card.

Jay Sankey Magic “Penny deception” Revealed.

However, Sankey did not use any of these methods. Instead, he invented an ingenious way to lift the card. He made a hole at the back of the deck and from here, he was able to lift the card with a finger. Penn and Teller were completely fooled because they thought that he had used either a mechanical deck or a piece of thread to do the trick.

  1. Coin Transfer

This is another trick that Sankey is famous for. It is a very easy trick in fact. What happens is that the magician will hold a real life coin in one hand, magically wave his hand over the other hand, remove it and magically the coin will appear on the other hand.

Jay Sankey magic: “coin transfer” revealed.

Here is how this Jay Sankey Magic trick works. You are supposed to hold the coin with the edge of your thumb, and the middle of your index finger. Next, make sure your other hand is positioned in a fist like way but with your fingers secretly sticking out. As you wave your coin wielding hand over the other hand, discretely drop the coin into the waiting fingers and you will have transferred the coin. Sankey however, advises that this trick requires a ton of practice and that it can sometimes take years to perfect this trick. However, it is a very simple trick that anyone can perform to his friends and family.

  1. The bottle cap Trick

One of the most famous Magic tricks that Jay Sankey is known for is the Bottle cap trick. Here, he will unwind the lid that is on an empty bottle. In a quick movement, he will then hit the lid with the bottle’s side and in a strange twist, the lid will be seen moving inside the bottle. The bottle is not slit anywhere and he will usually give an audience member a chance to inspect the bottle.

“Cap in the bottle” Jay Sankey Sagic revealed.

So how does he do it? Easy, Jay will advise you to look for those cheap water bottles with bendable lids. You will then have to force the lid into the bottle- and shape it into its original form with your fingers while it is inside the bottle. The rest is all about your performance. Start the trick with the lid in the bottle. Make sure you hide the lid with your fingers. Then pretend like you are unwinding the bottle and pretend like you are actually holding a cap. Hit the ‘bottle cap’ strongly into the bottle and you’re done. Nobody will ever notice.

  1. Card Time Travel

In this absolutely mind-boggling Jay Sankey Magic trick, Sankey will spread a deck of cards and ask a participant to pick one card. He will ask the participant to hold the card between his thumb and index finger with the rear side of the card facing upwards and completely hide it from his sight. He will then ask the participant to return the card in the deck. After this, the magician will use a poker shuffle to completely mix up the cards in such a way that some cards will be facing upwards, while others will be facing downwards. In other words, there will be a complete mix up of the cards in such a way that the magician can never know where the participant’s card is placed. The magic comes when the magician shuffles the cards once, and suddenly, all the cards appear as when the trick initially began. He then goes ahead and reveals the volunteer’s card.

Jay Sankey Magic “Card Time Travel” Revealed

While the explanation of this trick is somewhat complex and should only be attempted by experienced magicians, it all comes down to a very disciplined and experienced sleight of hand.

Jay Sankey is still an active performer who continues to dazzle the world with his creativity and technique. It is safe to say that as a result of his talent nurturing ways, his charm, and ability to help, he is one of the all-time greats ever to grace the industry. He has over the years been hailed by other living greats like Criss Angel and David Blaine. He is a real living legend.

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