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  1. The cuts

This first card trick does not require any setup. To let the spectator know that, he/ she will shuffle the cards in the beginning. Then, the spectator will choose any card from the deck. Once the spectator has chosen their card, you will cut the deck once, telling them to place the card face down on the bottom pile. For the next step, you will cut the cards four times, putting the piles on the table, on top of each other. Now you cut the cards three times. You cut the cards from the bottom, turning the piles face up while putting them on top of the deck again, then give the cards one more cut. You ask the spectator if they remember their card. You can either have them tell you what their card is or not. For the reveal, you spread the cards on the table, only to discover that their card is the only one facing up. See the explanation below fro this Magic Card Tricks revealed Step by step


After the spectator chooses a card, you cut the deck, taking about three-quarters of the deck, leaving one on which the spectator will place the card. When you put the bigger pile on top of the chosen card, you use your pinky to hold the cards’ corner up. This is called a pinky break. When you first cut the cards, their card will end up on top. The second time you cut the cards, bringing the piles on top, face up, you have to keep a small gap between the selected card and the others. When you put the last pile on top, make sure you leave their card on the bottom. This way, it will be the only card facing the other way. You cut the cards again and your work is done. All you have to do now is spread the cards. You can watch a tutorial here:

The Cut Magic Card Tricks revealed Step by step

  1. The outsider

For this trick, the spectator will have to choose two cards. You begin by cutting the deck and have the spectator tell you when to stop. When they do so, you show them the two top cards, which they will have to remember. Then, you set the cards back on top and give the deck a few cuts. Then, you deal the deck into four piles. Next up, you cut piles 1 and 3 together, then you do the same with the other piles. Now you have 2 piles. You flip one pile face up, then shuffle it with the face down pile. Now you say the magic words or do the magic gesture. For the last part of the trick, you spread the cards on the table. All the cards will have the same color, except for one, which will be one of the selected cards. You give the spectator the card, then flip the remaining cards and spread them again, revealing, once again, that all the cards have the same color, except for their second card.


This trick requires a setup. Prior to performing the trick, you will have to arrange the cards in a black – red order. If you want to show the spectator the cards, you have to do so by pushing blocks of cards, so they don’t realize that they are arranged. When the spectator says stop, you want to change the order of the first two cards. You do so by simply reverse counting them. As you deal the cards into four piles, the fourth and second piles will match, as well as the first and third. At this point, the trick is basically done, all you need to do is the reveal. Here’s the video:

The outsider Magic Card Tricks revealed Step by step


  1. Restoration

 This trick, as its title says, involves a restoration. First, you will have a spectator choose a card. As you pass the cards from one hand to another, you tell the spectator to just touch a card. Then, you show them that card and pass it to them. You take the card back and put it on top of the deck for a second, then put the deck aside, keeping only their card in your hand. You then proceed to tear that card apart, giving one part to the spectator to sign it. You put the rest of the pieces in a box, then explain how you have used your magic powers to restore that ripped card while it was inside the box. For the final part, you open the box and take the card out, only this time, it’s not torn anymore. The card is restored, missing only one piece, the piece that your spectator signed in the beginning.


What you’re going to need are a deck of cards, a box, a pen, and a duplicate card (we’ll say it’s the 9 of spades). You fold the duplicate card into thirds along the length and the middle. Then, you rip off a corner of the card. After that, you put the duplicate in the box. The ripped piece goes face up into the hand that you will hold the deck with, while the intact 9 of spades goes on top of the deck. Next up, you will perform a force card. You will do so by starting to pass the cards one by one into your other hand, so the 9 is now on the bottom. Then, as you fan the remaining cards, when the spectator touches a card, you just slide them on top of the 9 of spades, so when you turn them, the spectator will think he chose it. Once the card is face up on top of the deck, you carefully slide the deck out of your hand, so that they don’t see the ripped piece in your hand. While holding that piece with your thumb on the back of the card, start ripping the card apart. Then, you have to give that previously ripped piece to the spectator. Now, you have to pretend to be putting the ripped pieces into the deck, while you’re actually holding them against its back with your thumb. As you pass the pack from one hand to another, drop it on your palm, along with the ripped pieces. Then, while holding those carefully, reach into your pocket for the pen and drop them there. That’s all you need to do. Here’s magician Vinn’s tutorial:

Restoration Magic Card Tricks revealed Step by step

  1. The easy great card trick

 First, you shuffle the deck and have the spectator pick a card. Then you split the deck into three piles and ask them to place the card on top of any pile. After they have done that, you cut each pile once and put them together, losing their card in somewhere in the deck. Now you have to deal the cards face up into a few piles, which you’ll put back together. Now you reveal a random card, which is not the right one. Then you tell the spectator that the deck is set so that it will spell whatever their card is. Let’s say that the card was the ace of clubs. You start dealing a card for each letter and spell it out loud A C E O F C L U B S. The next card after the S will be the ace of clubs.


This trick’s secret is a key card, which you have to make sure will stay on the bottom of the deck (let’s say it’s the two of spades). When the spectator places their card (three of hearts) on top of a pile, all you have to do is place your key card on top of it. If they place it on the pile that your card is in, you just give it a cut, as well as the other piles, for consistency. When you put the piles together, the one with your key card must end up between the other two. Now you know that the two of spades is on top of their card. As you deal the cards face up, the moment you see your key card you have to immediately start a new pile, seeing what their card is. As you are dealing the next pile, you spell ‘three of hearts’ then move onto the next pile. The pile that spells the card’s name must go on top of the pile that has the card, the rest of them going to the bottom of the deck. That’s all you have to do. You can also see a tutorial here:

The Great easy Magic Card Tricks revealed Step by step


  1. The card trap

 For this trick, you will need a deck of cards and a rubber band. You let the spectator select a card and put it back in the deck. Then you give the deck a few cuts and shuffle it. Once you’ve done this, the rubber band comes in handy. What you’re going to do is wrap the entire deck with the rubber band, twice. A nice touch is dropping the deck on the table. For the final part, you put your hand under the rubber band, ask the spectator what their card was. By simply opening your hand, their card will appear on top of your hand, as the rest of the deck falls on the table.


When the spectator puts their card back in the deck, what you have to do is a pinky break. If you can’t remember what it is, a pinky break means using your pinky to create a little gap between two cards, in order to mark the place where a card is. Okay, so after you catch a pinky break, you give the deck a few cuts, ending up with the selected card on top of the deck. After that, you start shuffling, peeling the selected card to the bottom of the deck. Once again, you need a pinky break, but this time, it’s right above the card, so you are separating it from the rest. After that, you take the rubber band and slide it above the bottom card and around the deck. For the second wrap, you pull the band and twist it, and with your middle finger, you pull it back. Then twist the rubber band back and set it over the top. This way, you will have a loop around your middle finger, beneath the deck. Now you let the loop free, and it creates a bit of a knot under the deck. As you pull the band to put your hand under it, the knot will be released, so you have to hold the deck tight. Finally, you ask the spectator what their card is, and as you open your hand their card will pop out on top of your hand. Allakazam!

The Card Trap Magic Card Tricks revealed Step by step

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