Types of Magic: From Simple to advance, Here’s a list of 10 Types of magic.

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There are numerous forms of magic in the world today, but some forms, stand out more than others. Here is a rundown ten of the best types of magic around the world.

10 Types of Magic Tricks

  1. Mentalism

There are many types of magic out there but all magicians will agree that mentalism is one of the best types. This is a completely mind blowing type of trick, and as the title suggests, it is all about the mind. Mentalism performers are known as mentalists and this magic form basically exposes the highly developed mental skills of mentalists getting into the minds of volunteers.  Methods used include; telepathy, divination, hypnosis, clairvoyance, mind control, psycho kinesis and precognition. This magic form has also been widely used by psychics and mediums.


Famous magicians who have used mentalism

This has been used by many legendary names in the field including; Uri Geller, Keith Barry, Derren Brown, and James Randi.

  1. Arcane

This is an ancient type of magic that has existed for thousands of years. It involves the manipulation of dark forces and powers to the magician’s advantage. What happens in Arcane is that very potent spells are created which have the ability to control other forces. This, in turn, makes it possible to change form. It is also possible to be able to have other celestial beings working for you thanks to this magic form. The spells are everything and thus proper mastery of them is imperative. It doesn’t go without saying that it will take years for a magician to master different spells in his head. A lot of practice is also mandatory. Spells can be found in ancient spell books

Famous Magicians who have used Arcane

Arcane has been used for thousands of years, but its notable performers include ancient Chinese sorcerers and famous wizards.

  1. Sleight of hand

Sleight of hand is one of the most common Types of magic in the world. It is also referred to as legerdemain or prestidigitation. This type of magic requires extremely perfect hand motions and trickery. It is all about using your hands to manipulate and trick. Very fast movements are needed to be able to hide objects, retrieve them and basically, fool everyone around you. Even though some quarters claim that sleight of hand is not a type of magic, some other quarters vehemently support Sleight of hand as a form of magic. This is because sleight of hand cannot be separated from most magicians’ acts. This is especially true for professional magicians who incorporate numerous acts in their shows.

Famous magicians who regularly use sleight of hand.

Sleight of hand technique has been used by some notable magicians like David Copperfield, Dai Vernon, Ricky Jay, Dan and Dave and Tony Syldini.

  1. Roving Magic

This is one of the rare types of magic that incorporates mentalism and sleight of hand tricks. What makes this form unique is that it allows for uniqueness, creativity and close interaction with the audience members. For roving magic to work, there has to be a large setting like a restaurant or any social setting where the performer can freely walk about and interact with members of the audience. The acts are really close up and sometimes, it is the audience who actually contribute to about 80% of the trick thanks to their involvement. This really helps to kill boredom and break the ice between guests while they are in between events. This type of magic is most suitable for children shows and birthdays, corporate events and other social functions.

Famous magicians known for roving magic

The most famous names associated with this magic form include; Phil Cass, Brad Manuel and Brendan Montana

  1. Utility and Prop

This is one of the most common types of magic these days. Utility and Prop magic have been used widely all over the world by modern magicians especially in their shows. This basically involves a set or stage that has utilities and props already set up for the show. There are hundreds of thousands utilities and props out there that are used by world class magicians. The secret behind props is just that, a secret. The audience member will never get to know how it works and sometimes, will never get to see the actual utility itself during the show. Some of the most famous utilities and props include; Loops, sponge balls, the famous, business card production wallet and many others. Some props can be very big depending on the nature of the act.

Famous magicians who have used utilities and props in the past

Some of the most famous names which have used props and utilities include; Criss Angel, Mike Super, Harry Houdini and others.

  1. Elemental

elements of elemental magic fire,air,earth and water

Elemental magic is another ancient types of magic that is really powerful. It takes years of practice and discipline to finally master this form. This type of magic involves the complete control and use of the four main forces of the earth; fire, water, earth and air. This is not the stuff of movies. It actually happens. Over years of practice, some master magicians have been able to completely master this art. It must, however, be noted that only a handful individuals in the entire world have managed to perfect this art. There are even some masters of time, which is just phenomenal. These people can manipulate these forces to their bidding and command them to work to their gain.

Famous masters of elemental forces

Sophie Newman, Marethyu, and Gilgamesh the King.

  1. Levitation

a magician levitating his assistant

Levitation is one of the most fascinating types of magic tricks out there. Everyone is a slave to its awe and plain phenomenon. Levitation has been used since the ancient magical era and it has never failed to capture the imagination of any audience. The laws of physics state that it is possible for something or some object to levitate in mid-air, so long as there is another unseen force holding it e.g. a magnetic force. The laws of magic are a bit different, for levitation to occur, a magician will have to use his magical powers to make levitation happen. There are many variations of the trick; some magicians choose to levitate themselves in a floating motion while others will levitate an object or someone else.

Famous magicians who have made levitation happen

Famous magicians who have made levitation happen includes; Criss Angel, David Copperfield and David Blaine.

  1. Traditional magic

Just as the name suggests, in traditional magic the performer is more concerned about maintaining and conserving the traditional form of illusion. In this regard, the act here is all about the traditional stage performances, with not so complicated skills, and a rousing audience. The stage is the biggest aspect of Traditional magic and most traditional magicians observe that without the stage, there is no magic. There are no elaborate stunts here, or expensive sets, just a magician of the old code; one who can stand on stage, with his wand, a long coat, or a box full of tricks and dazzle the audience. Although this is where all tricks began, magic has since moved on to incorporate large stunts that are very expensive. The modern magician is also keen on effects and performance.

Famous Traditional magicians

Some of the biggest names associated with traditional magic forms include; Derek Hughes and others.

  1. Card Tricks

It is safe to say that card tricks are the most widely performed form of magic tricks out there. In these types of magic, effects that are not real are created by use of sleight of hand techniques and other magic methods. Since the mastery of this art takes a lot of time, it is very difficult for an audience member or volunteer to actually spot the techniques used in card tricks, especially if it is a professional magician who is performing. Some of the methods used in card tricks involve; Side slips, palming, lifts, jogs, false cuts, reverses and false shuffles.

Famous Card Trick Magicians

Almost all the great magicians are also card trick specialists and so the list here is endless. The great Houdini, David Blaine, Richard Turner and Ricky Jay are some of the well-known names in this field.

  1. Escapology

Escapology is a very ancient Types of magic that has been there for many centuries. It has survived to the present day where it is being performed by many great modern day magicians. Escapology basically involves a magician who risks his life by having himself chained and completely bound in the most dangerous ways. He will then be confined in very difficult situations where he will be given just a few precious moments to save his life. Escape artists –as they are referred to – will usually be locked up in coffins, straitjackets, handcuffs, barrels etc.

Most famous Escapists

The most famous names to be associated with Escapology are Harry Houdini, David Blaine, and Criss Angel.

These are some of the most famous types of magic in the world today. Some have been performed by some of the best magicians in the world and that’s why they’ve made it to the list.

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