Magic Stuff: 10 Tools used by magicians

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A good magician can make his audience to admire and applaud him using techniques based on natural laws and the inability of the human eye to perceive everything. To accomplish that magicians use different magic stuff such as hats, cards, boxes, coins, handkerchiefs, swords, sticks, rings, cones, pens, spoons, balls or even fire to be more spectacular.

10 Widely used Magic stuff

  1. Spoon

Used by many magicians just in one magic trick, bending the spoon. It’s a classic trick, known to all, the magician with the power of his mind bending a flat spoon. In fact, the spoon is bent from the beginning, he just manages with his skills the audience not to look at it. It is a well-known trick that most famous magicians don’t use anymore.

  1. Balloon or ball.

Used in many tricks but the most common is the one with the scarf. The magician shows the audience an empty scarf holding open before him. Later he pulls out of it a balloon or a ball that is supposed to appear from nowhere. The truth is that there is someone behind him who gives him the balloon, I have seen many great magicians do this trick as Paul Weatherbee.

  1. Coins.

This Magic stuff is very well known and often used to the different variation of coin tricks. The magician shows the audience his empty hands and after some quick moves and some snapping with the fingers shows a coin in his hands, while in fact it was hidden in the other hand. It is a very common trick and you’ll see young wizards to use it, I have seen many great magicians do it like Matt Wayne.

  1. Razor blade.

It is often used because it’s very spectacular and always impresses the audience. The magician gets in a big box that way showing only his hands, head and legs. The razor blade descends and cuts the large box in two. Then his two partners pull off the two pieces of the box to help the audience to see that the magician’s really cut in two pieces, while he remains motionless like a dead. After his colleagues join again the box, the magician gets out alive and in one piece. The trick is in the large box that is constructed so as to fit through two men.

  1. Buildings or statues.

They used to the trick: the disappearance of a building, but it is a rare and expensive production and only performed by great and famous magicians. The public sees front two columns, in which, in the distance away, it seems a big building. A curtain hides the view between the two columns, and after some time opens again to see the public that the building behind it has now disappeared. The truth is that not the building is moved but the viewers who are on a mobile platform which starts spinning when the curtain is closed. I have seen the great magician David Copperfield to eliminate the statue of liberty in this way.

  1. Cards.

This magic stuff is used in a very easy trick that everyone can make even with his friends. The magician tells someone to pick up a card from the deck with no one to see it. Then he tells him to put it back in the deck and shuffle it well. Then the magician takes the cards in his hands, puts it in the box and finds the right paper. In fact, the card box has a hole in the back, helping the magician to see the paper.

  1.  Glass.

Used by magicians in many tricks, I will mention a very easy and beautiful magic stuff. The magician is sitting in a chair with a table in front of him. On theUsed by magicians in many tricks, I will mention a very easy and beautiful one. The magician is sitting in a chair with a table in front of him. On the table, there is a paper, a coin, and a glass. He puts the glass upside down on the coin and paper covers. Pushing the glass over, suddenly the glass disappears into the table. The truth is this: the paper has already taken the shape of the glass and when the magician lifts it for the audience to see it, he leaves the glass to fall slowly into a towel over his legs. Then he puts only the paper on the table, pushing it on top and looks like the glass has disappeared.

  1. Hat.

They are used by many magicians and certainly, all of us have seen them in some shows. The magician can pull out of the hat scarves, flowers, even pigeons or rabbits. The hat and the table on which stands, the hat are made in such a way that the magician can put large objects through the hat.

  1. Sheet.

A good magician can appear or eliminate everything in a sheet, a small object to a human. The magician puts a beautiful woman to sit in a big chair and covers her with a black sheet. When he lifts it the woman has disappeared mysteriously. In fact, she has been hidden inside the big chair that is hollow.

  1. Sword.

The swords are certainly impressive magic stuff, but only experienced magicians use them in their show. The magician puts a woman in a big box full of holes and filled them with swords. The woman looks nailed by dozens of swords and the magician twirled the box for the audience to see how she’s nailed from every direction. Later he removes the swords out of the box and the woman comes out alive and smiling. The truth is that the box is made that way not to hurt the one who’s inside.

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