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Derren Brown Magic: 10 Greatest Magic Tricks Performed By Derren Brown. NLP, Hypnosis, Cold reading etc.

Derren brown magic tricks

Derren Brown is one of the best magicians, Mentalist, and Illusionist in the world. He is known notoriously for performing out of this world illusions and mentalism tricks. He also has a cool show ‘The Derren Brown Miracle’ where apart from performing his trademark Magic tricks, he also apparently heals people with divine power from God. The most famous of his healings was when he healed a partially blind woman and helped her to completely recover her sight. He is accredited with many illusions and tricks. However, these ten really do stand out Derren brown magic.

  1. Broken Glass Stunt


This is one of the most dangerous acts that Derren has ever attempted. In this stunt, which he performed in front of a live show, he had the floor of the stage filled with glass. He then apparently cut off the supply of oxygen to his brain and walked barefoot on the extremely sharp glass. He even had a volunteer whose job was to confirm that indeed the glass was real and that he really walked on it. But he didn’t stop there. He then lay on the glass and had another volunteer stand on top of his body. He claimed that the lack of oxygen in his body made him feel no pain.

  1. The System

The System was another one of Derren’s amazing acts that left people in total awe. He aptly used magic, wonder, and deception to correctly predict horse race winners. In fact, he went as far as convincing one woman to place a lot of money on a particular horse. The woman placed the bet and ended up winning lots. He then afterward convinced the woman to bet her total winnings.

  1. Predicting the sentence

This one really got the audience engaged in the trick. Derren asked the crowd to create a sentence that he had no idea about. He wasn’t even part of the people that created the sentence. The audience came up with ‘Mickey mouse holding a pencil sharpener sits on a dog bed and says G’day campers’. A strange balloon was seen hovering around the audience during the show proceedings. After the audience had come up with the sentence, Derren took a hold of the balloon and popped it. To everyone’s surprise, the balloon had a note inside and written on it was the same sentence as the one the audience had come up with.

  1. Smoke

Derren was really audacious with this one. He came with a pack of cards and plucked a famous comedian –Fry- from the audience and asked him to think of any card. What happened next was really unexplainable. The card that Fry thought of suddenly appeared as his own smoke which he was puffing at. When both Derren and Fry tried to look for the card in the deck, it was nowhere to be found. Everyone was left in shock.

  1. Hypnosis

Derren brown magic tricks: Hypnosis

What most people don’t know is that Derren employs Hypnosis in most of his tricks. Though he may not agree with the conventional meaning of what Hypnosis is, he will still look to use it in many tricks and illusions. Actually, Brown is a qualified Hypnotist who can do it professionally. What he does on his shows, however, is that he will combine Hypnotism and Magic and use both of them very innovatively so that no one will be able to tell the difference between the two. He will basically ask a volunteer to sit still. He then counts to ten and snaps his fingers, throwing the volunteer into a trance. Others have claimed that he has made them stay rooted on their seats, forget their names, and feel no pain.

  1. Predicting the Lottery

Some people claim that this is Derren’s best trick to date. In front of a packed audience, Derren was able to single-handedly predict the six digit lottery. He wrote the predictions on six white balls which turned out to be very correct. He revealed the numbers on live TV and just before the National Lottery had finished revealing their numbers. During his live presentation, it can be clearly seen that the balls are in full view of everyone and that nobody tampers with them.

  1. Bags with nails


Derren brown magic – Nail in the bag trick

In this absolutely bonkers stunt, Derren had an audience member hide a very sharp nail inside one of six disposable bags. The nail was positioned in such a way that it could easily harm anyone who played around with it. The bags were six in total and they were arranged vertically on the table and mixed up completely so that no one would know where the one with the nail was located. He then came up on stage and started slamming the bags against the table. He went on slamming the bags until he just left one. The one with the nail.

  1. Apocalypse

In this absolutely horrifying trick, Derren picked up an audience member called Stephen Brosnan and started interrogating him. Brosnan claimed he had a lot of problems getting his life in order. He sounded lazy, and totally lacked any vision in his life. Derren wanted to change his perception of life albeit in a crazy way. He managed to convince Stephen that there had been a Zombie apocalypse and that he was the only survivor. What’s shocking is that Stephen actually fell into the trance and began believing that he was really the only survivor.

  1. NLP

Derren brown magic tricks video NLP

Brown has over the years employed the use of NLP which stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. These are Pseudo-scientific methods which he uses to be able to reach out and communicate to an individual. These methods have been known to guide other people’s thought processes by just using language and reprogram completely a person’s neurology. He used NLP effectively in the BMX trick where he used suggestion techniques to install a false memory into Simon Pegg’s head. Derren usually combines NLP wit magic, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship.

  1. Cold Reading

Cold reading techniques have been used by mentalism experts for a very long time. The magician will appear to mind read someone else’s thoughts although they are complete strangers. They will also reveal very personal details about the person that only the person can only know. Derren will reveal most details about the person’s life, his interests, fears, and memories. There are no supernatural powers used here, just mastery of cold reading techniques. Most Psychics and Astrologers use cold readings in their trade. The methods of Cold reading that are very common include shotgunning, Barnum statements and rainbow ruse.

These are some of the greatest Derren brown magic tricks. There are many more tricks that he has performed because he is also a great magician and illusionist, but these are some of his best to date. He continues performing all over the world, dazzling audiences everywhere with unexplainable, mind blowing tricks. You can also find other cool tricks and illusions on his show ‘The Derren Brown Miracle’.


How To become a Mentalist: 10 Powerful Steps in Mastering Mentalism.

How to become a mentalist

What is mentalism? Before we Embarq on this journey, let us clearly understand what Mentalism entails and how you can become one.  Mentalism is an art in which the individuals involved appear to exhibit supernatural powers such as mind reading and fortune telling. A mentalist is that guy who believes in mentalism or has highly developed mental abilities. Mentalists tend to leave people wondering if they are really from this world if they are humans. Mind reading is cool, that’s why there are lots of people who wants to be a mentalist. If you are one of them, You have come to the right place, this complete article guides you through on how to become a mentalist.

What is ESP? ESP stands for Extrasensory Perception popularly regarded as the sixth sense. It involves acquiring information through your mind without using physical senses.The term was invented by a psychologist from Duke University called J.B. Rhine. Mentalists are believed to have Extrasensory perception. However, some people have come out strongly to oppose the existence of Extrasensory perception. I will not dwell on what is right or wrong about ESP, I will let you decide on your own when you complete your journey of how to become a mentalist.

Mentalists are different from magicians, in that they want people to believe that what they do does not involve any form of trickery, unlike magicians who may tell their audience that they will play with their imaginations or beliefs of reality.A real life example of mentalism at work is from our friends at Criminal Investigation Department who use mentalism in interrogation so that they can get the truth from suspects. If you are reading this, you are either that guy who believes in mentalism, you are already a mentalist, or maybe you are just curious. Whichever the case, let’s get started on how to become a mentalist


Many of you may be astonished by the word ‘superpowers’ that I have just used, but remember, I did not say mentalists have superpowers but rather appear to exhibit them. For you to become a mentalist, you must have a sharp mind to observe and deduct as well as be knowledgeable. By knowledgeable, I mean mentalism is a course just like any other that you learn from books, articles, journals and my best alternative, the internet! In short, learn mentalism. You might also be interested to know that one of the best books you can use to learn mentalism was written by a former FBI agent. So, the first tip on how to become a mentalist is to learn how to become one. Go to your local bookstore and buy books that talk about mentalism. But I have to warn you to be very careful when searching for these books. There are very many fake books out there that won’t really help you. My advice is you should start from the internet. Actually, everything you need to know about mentalism can be accessed from the internet. Conduct serious research on it, read articles, watch YouTube videos and get to know experienced people who have written about mentalism.  Search for interviews that involve famous mentalists and watch them. You will definitely learn a thing or two from them.These people will also serve as role models or what some may call idols.


Mentalism is like a sport. The more you practice, the better you become. Before showing off your skills to others, try by convincing yourself first that you are good at what you do. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror and studying every bit of your face. Some of the things to look for are pupils. Constricting pupils mean you had a bad experience while dilating pupils means you had a good experience. Try to see if that works for you by imagining bad and good experiences. If you succeed in that, go to your close friends or relatives. This might seem absurd because you think you already know much of their lives, but trust me, you don’t. Tell them beforehand what your intentions are and also ask them to be very honest with and you will be surprised the ton of things you don’t know about them. There are other best practices I have compiled just for you to enable you to become a good mentalist. These basically are things that you should do on a daily basis on your journey of how to become a mentalist. Let’s get started. 


One of the ways of becoming a good mentalist is learning how to trust your instincts, trust your own judgment before making any conclusions or remarks. You have to be and feel in control of the situation. This is how FBI agents make good detectives. They are very observative which enable them to interpret even the slightest body changes, facial expressions and also human nature. There are very many general evaluation techniques that you can use on someone. For instance, if you notice a slight tan line on the left ring finger, this probably means that the person is divorced, and so trust your instincts and tell them that, they will see you as a god, but both of us know you just used your observation skills. Isn’t that cool?

To expound on this topic, there is something called cold reading. This is a simple trick that works on people by making high probable guesses that will make them believe you are psychic. Let me give you an example, how many people, mostly men have a scar on their knee? Everyone has a scar on their knee right? Tell them that and you will be surprised how they will open up to you. 


Who hates being lied to? If your answer is yes, learn mentalism.  A  Mentalist’s work involves being in a position to get information from someone without them necessarily opening their months. You do this by noticing and identifying their physical cues.  When you are in a tense situation, you may find the right words to smoothen things out, but does your body agree with you? This is because how you stand, sit or even gesture can tell how you really feel.Like for instance, a person who is lying will show one or more of these signals;

  • Verbal/non-verbal disconnects. …
  • Throat-clearing or swallowing.
  • Behavioral pause or delay.
  • Hand-to-face activity
  • High rate of perspiration
  • Grooming gestures
  • Hiding the mouth or eyes.

Have you ever noticed that football coaches always chew gum when their players are in the field?  If you did notice, what do you think is the reason that causes them to chew gum that vigorously? As a mentalist, you should answer that question in the blink of an eye and say that the coaches are nervous and chewing gum is just a distraction. That is the life of a mentalist, seeing, noticing and interpreting body language.

So, on your journey of how to become a mentalist, learn as much as you can about physical cues and what they mean. Trust me; you will leave people in disbelief when you have a session with them. The best thing about learning physical cues is that you also get to enjoy every aspect of it. 


How can you improve your sense of observation? Improving your sense of observation not only improves your memory but also enables you to be extra cautious on the small details that other people would miss. Improving your observation is an easy task to accomplish but it requires some commitment to achieve it. Let me give you an example of how you can improve your sense of observation right away. When you are walking down the street either from work or school, look around you and try to see if you can notice things you had not seen before. Remember, this should be a route or area you constantly use. Continue to do this for a while, maybe a week or so. If you do this, you will become used to it and it will become something you subconsciously do. Isn’t that cool?

To get better at this, start testing yourself. Try this, when you walking down a road, look behind you for a second and take a note of what you see. If you realize that you can identify the color of the clothes the people behind you are wearing without looking back again, then that is a major breakthrough on how to become a mentalist. If you fail, try again until you get it right, After all, Rome was not built in a day. 


Mirroring is self -explanatory.  This is when two people sit facing each other. In order for a mentalist to hypnotize someone, they need to mirror with their clients in order to build a deeper connection with that person. This way, the other person will feel more comfortable talking to them. You can also mirror their body language without them realizing it. For Example, when they touch their chin, touch yours also. Do other things that they are also doing, you will be astonished to know that 9 out of 10 times, the other person does not realize you are mirroring them. Mirroring does not only involve imitating their body language but you can also mirror their breathing patterns and speech tone too. Mirroring can also be done when you are not physically together e.g. through phone conversations and texting. You will realize that after a short while, they will be willing to give you more information and feel at ease when they are around you.Mirroring is not a subject most authors talk about but personally when you are learning mentalism; put it on your to-do list.It will be an important step on how to become a mentalist.


This saying is self-explanatory. It basically means that you should be a good listener. If you want to become a good mentalist learn the art of listening and also reading between the lines. People tend to reveal more about themselves than they realize. So, what does a mentalist do, they listen, listen and listen until they capture something that was revealed to them indirectly. They do this by joining the dots and making connections in regard to what they have been told.Your audience may be surprised when you tell them something about their lives. What they don’t know is that what you told them was revealed to you by them subconsciously. If you want to learn mentalism, prepare to listen to very long boring stories and you have to pay attention to each and every word that is mentioned. Failure to do this, you risk missing out on very crucial information that may reveal something about a person’s life. Because of that, enduring long boring stories is part of learning how to become a mentalist and you should embrace it

We can take a case of psychiatrists who spend most of their times listening to people’s fears, worries, and problems. For them to be good at what they do, they must pay close attention to each and every word that is said. This way, they are able to get a deeper understanding of what their clients are going through. In case a client is dishonest or not telling the truth, they are in a position to notice and take the necessary action.


Mentalism is like a maze. You have to be very careful when going down this road otherwise, you will get lost and don’t achieve your goals. Part of learning how to become a mentalist involves knowing how to work your mind. So, how do you train your mind?  You do this by playing mind games such as Sudoku, solving complex puzzles or playing chess.  You will also find meditation is to be very helpful; I call this being ‘in the zone’. This is a state whereby you relax your mind into a state of consciousness, turning away your attention from distracting thoughts and putting your focus on the present moment. Meditation makes you smarter; it changes pain while relieving depression, meditation is so good to us. The best thing about learning mentalism is that most of the things you will learn will help you to become a better person. You can learn mentalism, not for show, not to please other people but for your own self. That is why I said earlier that mentalism makes you a better person when you master and understand it. Meditation is the reason why monks are always so focused and jovial. Many mathematical formulas have been invented by monks.

Did you know that there is a fine line between your brain and your mind? The brain is the physical organ that houses the mind. The mind is the manifestations of emotion, thought, determination, memory, and imagination that all take place within the brain.  Animals have brains but do they have minds? An animal is able to clearly interpret the environment it’s in, but it doesn’t understand it. The mind is what differentiates humans from other living things but that does mean all humans think the same. A good mentalist is able to blend both the brain and the mind to interpret ideas and also make decisions better than other people can.I personally believe that learning mentalism makes you a better person, whether you are learning it for the money or just for fun.


If you really want to learn how to become a mentalist, build your confidence first.  Believe in yourself first before meeting an audience. By audience, it can be one person or a hundred people. Confident people achieve way more than timid people, I mean, look around. Who gets the ladies for instance? I believe you can answer that with a blink of an eye. Confidence is a winner, Confidence takes you places. A sales person who is not confident is better off sleeping than working. A mentalist is a sales person, the only difference as a mentalist is you are selling yourself.Good mentalists will talk to anyone with a tone that exudes confidence so that the other party believes with no doubt what they are being told. A good mentalist stands tall in front of other people and tells them exactly what they want to hear or rather what they think they want to hear. My friend, do you stammer when talking to your boss? Do you look at your girlfriend/boyfriend straight in the eye while talking to them? Answer these questions and you will find out where you stand as a future mentalist. The good thing is, you can learn to be confident, it takes time but the bottom line is, you can learn. Don’t let your confidence burn your dreams to the ground. Don’t say that because you don’t look at your girlfriend straight in the eye, you cannot become a good mentalist. Your dreams are still valid; you just need to work harder. Teach yourself how to talk to people, earning their respect and making them laugh. Yes, having a sense of humor and making people laugh is part of being a good mentalist. Whatever you do, just don’t be shy because it will not work out well for you. What are you waiting for? Learn how to become a mentalist and you will appreciate yourself even more. 


What is creativity? Creativity involves a mentalist using their imagination to produce artistic work. Creativity plays a major role on how to become a mentalist.  You know, things don’t always go as a planned. What do I mean by that? Part of being a mentalist involves making intelligent guesses. These guesses are not always right and a mentalist knows how to divert from such situations to avoid embarrassment. To do this, a mentalist must keep calm in such occurrences, pretend nothing has happened and pray to God the next guess is on point. Unfortunately, learning mentalism does not teach you to be creative. This is something that you pick up when growing up and gets better with time. The more you practice mentalism, the more creative you become through experience. 


Being you means acting naturally according to your instincts and character. Learning mentalism will not help you in this, sorry. This is something that you decide for yourself. It involves waking up one morning and becoming who you always imagined yourself to be. It’s not as easy as it sounds and not hard either, you only need to follow these three steps to realize who you really are:

  • Develop awareness of your feelings and thoughts – This involves getting rid of negative feelings or thoughts from your mind. Develop an awareness of the quality of your thinking, let go of your old beliefs and live in the present.
  • Follow your intuition – This is the biggest step to take in your quest to realizing who you really are. Most of the times we feel obligated to others, be it our parents, close friends or relatives and end up not following our dreams. Most of us have ignored our intuitions for the longest time and it’s time to stop and let go.
  • Search for your inner child within you – Do you sometimes wish you would go back to being a ten year old? I always admire how children are always free and don’t care what other people think about them. They are jovial and always live in the moment. It’s not always easy to live a carefree life because unlike kids, we have responsibilities but I believe once in a while you can get in touch with your inner child because that is the real you.

Follow those three steps and your life will never be the same again. You will realize that life is not hard; it only depends on how you take it, and how you handle situations. Being yourself will also be a major breakthrough in your quest of how to become a mentalist. 


As I said earlier, mentalism is a course just like any other. It’s an art which you learn from books or the internet.Maybe our universities will include learning mentalism in the syllabus, who knows? The world is changing at an alarming rate.Almost all magicians are mentalists because it’s an essential skill in their career. Other people who have studied mentalism to a deeper depth are psychiatrists and Detectives. Growing up, my parents and teachers always advised me to choose a career from something I really loved.  For instance, you can become an FBI profiler and trust me; you will be the best detective in your area or department. This is because your career involves doing something you are passionate about. If you want to take your mentalist dreams to a whole new level, choose a career that will enable you to utilize the skills you learned as a mentalist. This way, you will understand it much better and also earn from it. 


Leading questions prompt respondents to give the desired answers because of the way they are phrased. Leading questions point the listeners to a certain desired direction. Something worth noting is that leading questions cannot only be expressed by words but you can also lead people by body language or even your voice tone effects. Leading questions can be both desirable and undesirable, it is very important to know how and when to use them. Learning mentalism from books and other materials will help you gain the necessary knowledge on how to use leading questions.  Leading questions make respondents think or believe that a mentalist has supernatural powers. Why? The clients don’t realize that the questions being asked are vague and they themselves are filling in the gaps for the mentalist. 


Some may call it planting ideas in somebody’s mind. However you call it, its meaning remains the same. So, what is it? Planting ideas is a crucial part of how to become a mentalist because it’s very simple to achieve it and tough to avoid. When you plant an idea into someone’s mind, you are making them think of something without them realizing it. Let me give you an example of how a sales person can use this to their advantage:

Buyer: How much is a 4GB memory card?

Salesperson: 5$

Buyer: Will it be enough? I only need 2GB to store my files.

Salesperson:  4GB is more than enough for you as long as you don’t plan on adding more files to your device in the near future.

On the last sentence, have you noticed what the salesperson has done? He has planted an idea into the buyer’s mind that 4GB might not be enough for them. This is because the buyer will realize that with time, their files will increase hence the need for a larger storage space. Most probably, the buyer will end up spending more money for a larger storage space. Planting ideas is a very easy task to accomplish but be careful while using it; it can also be dangerous and should not be used for ill intentions. It’s better to make your intentions or thoughts known rather than use indirect methods that may mislead others.


The good thing about learning how to become a mentalist is you learn so many things along the way. If you are a student, you become more responsible leading to better grades. You also become more focused in life and thereafter achieving great things in real life. If you are already working, follow your intuition and learn how to become a mentalist, After all, you only live once.

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to Embarq on this journey of how to become a mentalist is not to give up. This will not be an easy journey, a few disappointments here and there are inevitable, but in this world, nothing comes easy. You have to work hard for it, Put your mind, heart, and soul into it and you will certainly succeed. If you complain now, how did people learn the concepts twenty years ago when the internet was not available to everyone? This brings me to my next point. Utilize the internet; everything you want and need to know on how to become a mentalist is at your disposal. Watch YouTube videos, buy books from amazon or wherever. Spend your time and money on this; don’t waste time trying to get content from the free articles and books available from the internet. Most of them, 90% are useless with no meaningful content.

You can also hire another mentalist to train but those guys don’t come cheap. Prepare to dig a hole in your pocket if you decide to go down this road and hire one. But I honestly believe that learning mentalism is best when it’s self-taught. You just need to put in your effort and some money into it. After all, you didn’t go to college for free unless you won a scholarship.

Another thing you definitely have to sacrifice is time. It takes years to master the concepts involved in mentalism, so you have to be patient so that you can reach your goals.Many people have asked this question of how to become a mentalist but after being guided through the process involved, they give up down the line. Are you that kind of person? I truly hope not, otherwise will have wasted both of our times.  Learning mentalism is supposed to be fun, if you don’t enjoy it, then it’s not your ‘thing’.  Don’t expect to learn mentalism within a week or month or you are going to be very disappointed and quit. Give it time and concentrate on perfecting your skills which might take several years. Before we end this awesome topic, let me give you the two ‘bibles’ of learning mentalism: Corinda’s 13 steps to mentalism and Anneman’s practical mental magic. These two books are a must have for all aspiring mentalists. They will provide a very good ground to start learning mentalism. They are very informative and provide accurate information.

What I have provided to you is just a tip of an iceberg. There is so much more on this long journey which I promise you to be fun and interesting.

Good luck.

7 Must Read Mentalism Books You can Learn to be a Mentalist

mentalism books

List of Best Mind Reading Mentalism Books You Can Buy From Market

Over the last decade, mentalism has had a huge popularity growth, massively expanding as a commercial form. That, of course, attracts a great number of people towards Mind reading, and if you want to master it, here are a few Mentalism books that will surely help.

  1. 13 Steps to Mentalism

a book by Tony Corinda 13 steps to mentalism

Tony Corinda’s ’13 Steps to Mentalism’ is considered to be the Bible of mentalism. It was initially published as 13 booklets. In 1961, these booklets were combined into one and republished as ’13 Steps to Mentalism’. If one were to limit themselves to only one book, this should be the one. Corinda provides amazingly detailed information on cold reading, hot reading, and many other mentalism techniques. Although the book is considered to be standard literature for any magician or mentalist, do not read it under the impression that it will turn you into a mentalist overnight. The book is not an easy read, and while it is a great introduction to the vast field that is mentalism, only some of the information will be used immediately. A great part of all the valuable information found in the book is only to be appreciated at full significance by more experienced mentalists. While most of its references are pretty old, the effects and the techniques that they require are definitely still current. Corinda’s writing style and tone are engaging, and you will often find quite funny remarks throughout the book, which is undoubtedly comprehensive. Many modern mentalists, such as the renowned Derren Brown, have and are still using this book to build their own mentalism feats. A hard but fascinating read,  This is a must have mentalism book for anyone who is taking a serious interest in mentalism.

  1. Psychological Subtleties

Banachek’s (Steven Shaw) ‘Psychological Subtleties’ was described by the renowned magician Teller as a dangerous book among all the psypchological subtleties, a mentalism book by Banachekother mentalism books. It is known for its more modern approach toward mentalism. It comes in three volumes, each thoroughly explaining some impressive mentalism feats. The third volume has a chapter called ‘Subtle dealing with difficult spectators’. This chapter contains very useful information on how to overcome the fear of difficult volunteers and how to deal with them. The book also includes useful tips on body language, as well as some great linguistic strategies. All of these will most certainly help towards building a mentalism routine that will create the illusion of mind reading.

  1. What Every Body Is Saying

what everybody is saying a book by Joe Navarro

Written by former FBI counterintelligence officer Joe Navarro, ‘What Every Body Is Saying’ is a very meticulously designed collection of mentalism tips. An expert of nonverbal behavior, Joe Navarro carefully explains every single thought that he is presenting in the book. The author provides an impressive number of clues as to how a person might be feeling at any given time. He presents several types of body language in pictures, correlating them with his past experiences as an FBI agent. Many consider the book to also be particularly useful for authors, as Navarro’s technique of describing scenes is very detailed and thoughtful. Well recognized in many circles, the book is guaranteed to make the reader more aware of their surroundings.

  1. Practical Mental Magic

WrittPractical mental magic, a book by theodore annemanen by the American mentalist Theodore Annemann, ‘Practical Mental Magic’ is considered by many to be one of the most important mentalism books. In this volume, Annemann reveals the secrets behind more than 150 amazing mental feats. Like Tony Corinda’s ’13 Steps to Mentalism’, this book presents some dated effects and methods. Nevertheless, it still has a greater amount of relevant pieces of advice and tricks that are still used by renowned mentalists of our era. The book is a great source of amazing methods for magic effects, which can easily be adapted to more modern routines. From cover to cover, Annemann’s book is filled with effects, from magic tricks to mentalism feats and whatnot.

  1. Mind, Myth & Magick

Another great title for beginner mentalists is T.A. Waters’s ‘Mind, Myth & Magick’. Recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and original mentalists, Waters first released 21 booklets of mental feats during the 80s. Those were not sold to the public, but to a select clientele. As many other titles on mentalism, a great part is dated, such as the patter, but the author’s methods are still of great use. A great aspect of the book is that it gives insight into the author’s mind. The lecture is relatively easy, as Waters depicts his progress to the smallest detail, writing everything in chronological order.

  1. The James Bond Cold Reading

Cold readings are acts of reading people’s mind that mentalists perform without any prior knowledge about their subject. The mentalism book by Julian Moore, ‘The James Bond Cold Reading’ offers more than a few lines for a beginner mentalist to memorize. It offers a very comprehensible collection of principles that are used for cold readings, giving the reader the perfect base to develop a perfect mindset. Moore shows the reader how the cold reading technique can be applied effectively using characters like James Bond. He proves that old techniques are still the best while giving them a bit more modern twist. His book offers a great learning experience that will teach beginners to practice mentalism-tricks using their own words, not memorized lines.

  1. Naked Mentalism

Jon Thompson’s ‘Naked Mentalism’ comes in three volumes. It is considered to be one of the best mentalism books that does not require any props or requisite. One of the book’s best parts is the ‘Naked Book Test’. Well organized and laid out, Thompson’s ‘Naked Mentalism’ brings a refreshing originality to the field of Mind reading, and has also won him the ‘Amazon Editors’ Favourite Book of the Year’ award. Thompson offers a great number of techniques that are guaranteed to teach beginner mentalists to track a subject’s thought process even online or through a phone. It is a must have for any beginner or practicing mentalist.

Harry Houdini’s Death: A mysterious Death of The great Harry Houdini.

Mystry's of Harry Houdini's death

Keen aviator Harry Houdini, born in Budapest as Erik Weisz, has put his mark on our world as a legendary escapologist and magician. The amazing stunt performer is mostly known for his unbelievable escape acts. He first made himself noticed in vaudeville in the US. From chains, straitjackets, ropes, handcuffs and even being buried alive, Houdini impressed everyone that laid eyes upon him. Of course, as any successful man, especially in his field of expertise, there were many who tried to put his name to shame, by claiming that his stunts and escapes were fake. The truth about harry Houdini’s death still remains a mystery.

At first, Houdini’s magic career was not very successful. He started with traditional card tricks, and for a while, he was calling himself“King of Cards”. He also worked for a circus as “The Wild Man” and only after did he start experimenting with escape acts. Risking his life many times, Houdini managed to pull off incredible acts, such as being buried alive. The first time he performed this stunt was in 1915 when he was buried in six feet deep pit, without even a casket. While trying to dig his way up, the weight of the earth, which he described as “killing”, made him panic and, by the time his hand reached the surface, he fell unconscious and had to be pulled out by his assistants. Presenting himself as the scourge of fake spiritualists, Houdini once performed the buried alive stunt with the objective to expose Rahman Bey. After being locked in a sealed casket for 60 minutes, the Egyptian performer claimed that he had used supernatural powers to survive, but Houdini did not buy it. In 1926, he remained locked in a casket, underwater, for 90 minutes, claiming that the secret was not any God-given gift, but only controlled breathing.

Mystery of a Legendary Magician Harry Houdini’s Death

Harry houdini's death explained by science

The legendary Harry Houdini died in rather mysterious circumstances on Halloween, in 1926. Still widely known for being the fittest man alive, who could definitely take a few punches, officially, Houdini died from an abdominal infection called peritonitis, caused by a ruptured appendix. The cause of this is quite unknown, but suspicion fell upon Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead. Whitehead was a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and his connection with the illusionist is unknown. Nine days before Houdini’s death, he challenged Houdini to withstand several punches to his abdomen, knowing that this was a trick that Houdini often performed. Immediately after the illusionist’s death, people began suspecting that he was murdered. Although there were three students in Houdini’s dressing room that night, the main suspect was Whitehead. The students met Houdini after a lecture given by him at the McGill union. The lecture was about fraudulent spiritualists and the tricks they use. According to the other students who were in the room that night, Whitehead dealt several excessively heavy blows to Houdini’s abdomen. Houdini did not have time to prepare himself for the attack, as he was lying on a couch at that moment.

There was no autopsy carried out on Houdini’s body, and nothing was done to establish whether his encounter with Whitehead had caused or even only contributed to his fatal infection. Furthermore, Bess Houdini, the magician’s wife, and her niece gave different statements, which has only put a bigger question mark over the existing suspicions surrounding the event.  In March 2007, Houdini’s family decided to exhume his body, suspecting that the escapologist might had been poisoned. Later it has been revealed that the required papers for the exhumation were never actually filed.

However, three years later, a medical review found that the physical trauma the punches have caused can not be linked with the ruptured appendix that ultimately killed Houdini at the age of 52. Therefore, there is sufficient scientific doubt that J. Gordon Whitehead is the man who killed Houdini, so the mystery of Harry Houdini’s death goes on.

How does Mentalism work? How to do mentalism? beginner’s guide to Mentalism.


You might have watched ‘The Mentalist’, or heard of individuals who appear to have supernatural powers. Used in a lot of fields, from magic to criminal profiles, mentalism is a powerful tool of human behavior interpretation. So how to do mentalism? How does mentalism work?

Mentalists are often regarded as psychics, or even considered to have supernatural powers. Of course, there are, one could say, too many fake mind readers and mentalists who claim to have certain supernatural powers or God-given gifts. Despite that, most mentalists clearly state that what they do has absolutely nothing to do with the supernatural or anything of that sort.

Although mentalism can be considered as a branch of magic, serious mentalists never incorporate magic tricks into their acts. In the case of magic, the audience knows very well that everything is a trick. They know they are getting fooled. While magicians need to practice more physical skills, such as sleight of hand, mentalism is mainly based on deduction, suggestion, photographic memory and attention to detail.

So really, How does Mentalism work?

  • Reading Body Language

In the field of mentalism, body language is of great importance. Body language is a type of non-verbal communication. An individual may offer certain information without even knowing it, through the movement of their body. This includes posture, gestures and facial expressions. For example, if during a conversation, a person has their arms or legs crossed, it might mean that they are not really interested in the subject of the discussion, or that they are impatient. Handshakes can also say a lot about a person. For example, a firm handshake shows confidence and is considered to make a great first impression. From posture to eye movement and even breathing, a person can send a lot of messages without even knowing. Mentalists study these non-verbal signals and use them to give the impression of reading minds.

  • ‘The Shot Gun’ Methode

One method that mentalists use to make the audience feel like their minds are read are ‘shotgun’ statements. To understand how does mentalism work, You need to understand how ‘the shot Gun’ work.The method was billed this way because it relies on using general information, which will definitely apply to some of the audience. For example, a mentalist might say ‘you have recently lost an elderly relative’. In the case of a big audience, that statement will most certainly apply to someone. While the statement is really vague, the person who has, indeed, lost someone, will feel a very personal connection with it. Another great tool that mentalist uses are Barnum statements. These statements rely on the fact that people want to believe. Therefore, most people will look for information that fits them. While seeming very personal, Barnum statements apply to the most majority of people. Here are a few examples, see if they fit:

– You have a tendency to be critical of yourself.

– You consider yourself to be an independent thinker and you do not accept statements without proof.

– Sometimes you are extroverted, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, reserved.


This method is used by, as we said earlier, a great number of fortune tellers, mind readers or faith healers in order to earn money from gullible people.

A good trick is to reuse information. Mentalists use this in every performance. Once they have got a little bit of information and started having a conversation with the subject, they listen closely to everything the subject is saying. The trick is that if the subject says something concrete, they do not immediately acknowledge that information. They save it for later and use it in a context where that information would have a more personal impact on the subject.

We were talking earlier about body language. A good trick is to tell the subject to think of a word and repeat it. While they do this, the mentalist keeps talking, so the subject will often unconsciously slightly move their lips, mimicking the word that they are thinking about. In that moment, the mentalist can figure out what the word is, or even the first or last letters. If the mentalist manages to figure the first and the last letter, the rest are easy to discover. Of course, like any other skill, this requires a lot of practice.

  • Misdirection

For those who have been asking themselves how does mentalism really work?, here’s another technique. Just like in magic, misdirection has a huge role in mentalism. Also, body language can also be used by the mentalist to plant a thought into a subject’s mind. People are very suggestible, and with a combination of attitude, gestures, and patter, a mentalist can easily manipulate the mind of a subject. For example, let’s say a mentalist wants to influence a subject into thinking of the word ‘ring’. The mentalist can plan everything he will say prior to the performance, including the word ‘ring’ in the patter. The mentalist could also quickly glance at his ring, from time to time, while speaking. The subject will unconsciously focus on that, so when the mentalist would finally tell them to think of an accessory, the probability that they’d think of a ring is very high.

While it is a very entertaining form of art, mentalism is believed to have been used to manipulate influent people for personal or political gain. That being said, always be aware that people might try to influence you, and always try to be certain of your own thoughts.

Hope Now you have basic knowledge on how to do mentalism and you got the answer of your question”How does mentalism work ?”


Sawing in Half Illusion

sawing in half illusion

There is probably no person on earth who has not seen or even heard of the ‘ sawing in half Illusion ’ effect. If you haven’t, the stage trick involves a person, usually a female assistant, apparently getting sawn in half or more pieces. There are many variations of the trick. In some, the assistant is divided into two different parts that are then moved. In others, the illusion is that of a blade of sorts that is passing through the assistant’s body.

The origin of this illusion is not clearly known. There are rumors that an Italian magician going by the name of Torrini might have been the first one to perform the trick in 1809. This was never confirmed, and it is believed that Torrini never actually existed. He is only mentioned by Jean Robert – Houdin in his 1858‘Memoirs’. It has also been theorized that the trick might be traced back to ancient Egypt. Of course, this can not be confirmed, as well. The trick was first performed in the ‘20s, being just an idea until then.

Famous magicians who performed Sawing in Half Illusion

The first magician to perform this magic effect for an audience was P.T Selbit. He did this in 1921 in London. He tied his assistant’s feet, hands, and neck with ropes and had spectators hold them. Unlike more recent variations of the trick, Selbit’s assistant could not be seen at all, as she was locked in a wooden crate.

Later that year, Polish magician Horace Goldin performed the same trick in the US. His version had his assistant laying in a box but, unlike Selbit’s trick, the assistant’s feet, hands, and head could be seen. Also, the magician inserted metal sheets where he cut the box and pushed the halves apart.

Another great performance of the illusion was the one of P.C. Sorcar. He performed the sawing in half illusion on live television, using a buzzsaw. The show ended abruptly right after the magician split his wife in half. This caused concerned viewers to call the TV station, asking if the assistant survived. She did, of course.

Richiardi Jr., a Peruvian magician, also performed the trick, but he added a shocking element to it. He used fake blood and entrails for the performance, turning the illusion into a gory show.

A more recent performance of the trick was done by Jonathan Pendragon. In his version of the illusion, he has his assistant laying on a table. Then, he puts the box together himself, the box being transparent. He then slides some metal sheets through, two in the middle of the box, and one at the neck of the assistant. The great part about Jonathan’s effect is that, even after he pushes the halves apart, the assistant is still moving her hands and head.

‘ Sawing in half illusion ‘ revealed

There are many ways to perform this trick. One method is to have a box that is deeper than the spectators can see. In this case, the assistant can simply curl, pushing out a pair of fake feet. Another method is to have a false table, in which the assistant can crawl. The latter can not be used, as the halves can not be separated in this case. Another method was

presented by Penn & Teller on one of their show. They had a small gap in the middle of the box, where the assistant would lower her body just so the saw couldn’t reach her. While they were presenting this method, they cut their assistant in half, though, leaving that unexplained.

‘Sawing in half Illusion’ gone wrong

Unfortunately, there were some instants when the illusion did not go as planned. For example, one magician cut his wife’s head off on stage. First, he had to cut at waist level, and that went well. Shortly after, his wife started trying to signal that something went wrong. Unfortunately, the magician did not hear her and thought it was all part of her act. His wife could not replace her head with a fake one, as the box malfunctioned. The show ended tragically, as she died on stage.


Sawing in half illusion gone Bad

Harry Houdini Childhood Facts: 15 Never Known Facts about The great Harry Houdini’s Childhood.

harry houdini childhood facts

Harry Houdini

Today in this post we’ll be revealing Some Harry Houdini childhood facts. Jewish Rabbi Mayer SámuelWeisz’s wife CecíliaSteinerwife gave birth to a baby boy on March 24, 1874, in Budapest, Hungary. They named him ErikWeisz, later they moved to Appleton, Wisconsin in the year 1878. The family then changed their family name from ‘Weisz’ to ‘Weiss’ as per German spelling and ‘Erik’ turned into ‘Erich’. As per American Consensus which was conducted in July 1880, the family was in Appleton, Wisconsin and later in the year 1882, they became an American citizen.

Harry Houdini Childhood Facts

  • Young Erik’s named was gradually turned into a nickname ‘Ehrie’ or ‘Harry’ by the family,
  • Harry was the fourth boy in his family.
  • When the family moved to America, Erich later Harry, was only four years old and there he developed an interest in athlete and gymnasts.
  • He won the title of ‘Champion’, in ‘Cross Country Runner’.
  • He was not educated and just passed third grade.
  • When he was only 8 years old he attended the famous magic show named ‘Bloodless Vivisection’ which was created by famous English conjurer ‘Dr. Lynn’, in Wisconsin in the year 1880 and got charmed by him.
  • Harry’s childhood was not a piece of cake; he did several jobs and was living a boarding house.
  • Harry, when turned 9 years of age he made his debut appearance on stage as a trapeze act.
  • After his appearance on stage, he named himself ‘Ehrich, the prince of the Air’.
  • He ran away from his home at the age of 12.

Ran Away Days

Little is known about his runaway days, when he left the home he had to stay in shelters, he also lived on the street and sometimes he camped in an open air.

  • Later at the age of 13, he joined his family again in New York and started supported them financially, by working as a photography assistant, necktie cutter, and messenger. The place where he worked as a necktie cutter is H.Richter’s Sons where he was employed for more than two years, he got that job in a very cunning way, when he spotted that there is a long queue for that job, he went ahead of the queue and said is a bossy voice that the position has filled and later went inside and obtain that post.
  • He was a member of Pastime Athletic Club and the Amateur Union. He took part in various competitions such as boxing championship, bicycle races, foot races and swimming races where he won. Where he took lessons from the skeptical Joseph Rinn.
  • He also tried to take part in US Olympic team.
  • It was his life of time where Harry with his brother named; Theo started taking interest in magic. He read an autobiography of the eminent French magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin’s‘The Memoirs of Robert-Houdin’, and became captivated. This charm made him adopted his last name with an addition of ‘I’ to it and made it ‘Houdini’.

If you have some more to add in this list of harry Houdini childhood facts, let us know in the comment section.

Magic Stuff: 10 Tools used by magicians

magic stuff

A good magician can make his audience to admire and applaud him using techniques based on natural laws and the inability of the human eye to perceive everything. To accomplish that magicians use different magic stuff such as hats, cards, boxes, coins, handkerchiefs, swords, sticks, rings, cones, pens, spoons, balls or even fire to be more spectacular.

10 Widely used Magic stuff

  1. Spoon

Used by many magicians just in one magic trick, bending the spoon. It’s a classic trick, known to all, the magician with the power of his mind bending a flat spoon. In fact, the spoon is bent from the beginning, he just manages with his skills the audience not to look at it. It is a well-known trick that most famous magicians don’t use anymore.

  1. Balloon or ball.

Used in many tricks but the most common is the one with the scarf. The magician shows the audience an empty scarf holding open before him. Later he pulls out of it a balloon or a ball that is supposed to appear from nowhere. The truth is that there is someone behind him who gives him the balloon, I have seen many great magicians do this trick as Paul Weatherbee.

  1. Coins.

This Magic stuff is very well known and often used to the different variation of coin tricks. The magician shows the audience his empty hands and after some quick moves and some snapping with the fingers shows a coin in his hands, while in fact it was hidden in the other hand. It is a very common trick and you’ll see young wizards to use it, I have seen many great magicians do it like Matt Wayne.

  1. Razor blade.

It is often used because it’s very spectacular and always impresses the audience. The magician gets in a big box that way showing only his hands, head and legs. The razor blade descends and cuts the large box in two. Then his two partners pull off the two pieces of the box to help the audience to see that the magician’s really cut in two pieces, while he remains motionless like a dead. After his colleagues join again the box, the magician gets out alive and in one piece. The trick is in the large box that is constructed so as to fit through two men.

  1. Buildings or statues.

They used to the trick: the disappearance of a building, but it is a rare and expensive production and only performed by great and famous magicians. The public sees front two columns, in which, in the distance away, it seems a big building. A curtain hides the view between the two columns, and after some time opens again to see the public that the building behind it has now disappeared. The truth is that not the building is moved but the viewers who are on a mobile platform which starts spinning when the curtain is closed. I have seen the great magician David Copperfield to eliminate the statue of liberty in this way.

  1. Cards.

This magic stuff is used in a very easy trick that everyone can make even with his friends. The magician tells someone to pick up a card from the deck with no one to see it. Then he tells him to put it back in the deck and shuffle it well. Then the magician takes the cards in his hands, puts it in the box and finds the right paper. In fact, the card box has a hole in the back, helping the magician to see the paper.

  1.  Glass.

Used by magicians in many tricks, I will mention a very easy and beautiful magic stuff. The magician is sitting in a chair with a table in front of him. On theUsed by magicians in many tricks, I will mention a very easy and beautiful one. The magician is sitting in a chair with a table in front of him. On the table, there is a paper, a coin, and a glass. He puts the glass upside down on the coin and paper covers. Pushing the glass over, suddenly the glass disappears into the table. The truth is this: the paper has already taken the shape of the glass and when the magician lifts it for the audience to see it, he leaves the glass to fall slowly into a towel over his legs. Then he puts only the paper on the table, pushing it on top and looks like the glass has disappeared.

  1. Hat.

They are used by many magicians and certainly, all of us have seen them in some shows. The magician can pull out of the hat scarves, flowers, even pigeons or rabbits. The hat and the table on which stands, the hat are made in such a way that the magician can put large objects through the hat.

  1. Sheet.

A good magician can appear or eliminate everything in a sheet, a small object to a human. The magician puts a beautiful woman to sit in a big chair and covers her with a black sheet. When he lifts it the woman has disappeared mysteriously. In fact, she has been hidden inside the big chair that is hollow.

  1. Sword.

The swords are certainly impressive magic stuff, but only experienced magicians use them in their show. The magician puts a woman in a big box full of holes and filled them with swords. The woman looks nailed by dozens of swords and the magician twirled the box for the audience to see how she’s nailed from every direction. Later he removes the swords out of the box and the woman comes out alive and smiling. The truth is that the box is made that way not to hurt the one who’s inside.

Mentalism Secrets: 7 Mentalism Techniques Every beginner should Learn.

Mentalism Secrets explained

We have all seen a magician do some amazing sleight of hand with coins and cards. But mentalism is a type of magic that gives a new taste for magic lovers. In this modern form of magic mentalist/magician tends to read the mind of people. Cool ain’t it? I mean, just imagine a magician getting inside the head of people and stealing their idea and thought, that’s something we don’t get to see every day. Mentalist are pretty cautious about what they do, they use their mentalism secrets to read people’s mind.

Though it might seem like an impossible task for people to accomplish such difficult goal to be able to read other’s people’s mind, it is actually pretty simple if we understand how it is done. Here we’ll be discussing 7 greatest mentalism secrets every mentalist/magician uses to read other people’s thought. After you completely read through this post, it is guaranteed that you will have a basic idea of mentalism and how it is done.

7  Greatest Mentalism Secrets Revealed

  1. Reading Body Language

Reading body language, one of the most commonly used among all mentalism secrets is based on the idea that people tend to express their thoughts and feelings not only through a deliberate conscious effort like speaking and making physical gestures but also unconsciously in the way they move, look, stand and respond physically. As these subconscious triggered non-verbal cues give a hint to the magician as to whether the subject is actually telling the truth or making things up, it seems from the outside as if the magician is being able to read the subject’s mind through the power of mentalism.

  1. The Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion is a powerful mentalism trick with hypnotism, which in other words can be known as relaxation and rapport, being one of its practical applications. It relies on the science of psychology. Once the subject is in a relaxed state of being with all of their defenses down, they are more likely to trust the magician who is able to suggest ideas and thoughts to the subject. As the subject is highly suggestible, they are more likely to reveal information to the magician without being aware of it. The magician takes advantage of this and makes it seem as if he or she is reading the subject’s mind.

  1. The Laws of Perception.

This mentalism Technique has its roots in neuroscience, i.e. in how visual perception works, how people think verbally and visually, the process of long and short-term memory and so on. A magician does not need to be a graduate with a college degree in neuroscience to be able to use the Laws of Perception. All that they need to know or learn is how the human brain tends to read, categorize and recall information, and how the subject is perceiving themselves and the situation that they are in.

  1. Misdirection

Misdirection is a Mentalism technique a magician can use to convince a subject that their thoughts are being read. The way this is done is that the magician, through his or her words or body language, sows a seed of thought into the subject’s mind and gets them to subconsciously focus on it. This way the subject is thinking exactly what the magician wants them to be thinking of due to which the magician is able to pretend as if he or she has knowledge about the subject’s internal thought process.

  1. Fish For Information

Fishing for information has to do with making broad assumptions in front of the group of subjects such that these assumptions can apply to anyone or anything. Taking a real life example, a magician can make a general statement in front of an audience like “I’m seeing the number 19 really strongly… does this mean something to someone?” Obviously, as a matter of fact, somebody will have some connection with that number in some manner possible and will raise their hand. Using this as a first step the magician will speculate and make further assumptions about the topic. Slowly in a step by step fashion, the magician will progressively narrow down the scope of the topic until it reaches a specific point. This way the magician can fool the audience into thinking that he or she has read their mind.

  1. Watch Their Lips

This mentalism technique is quite useful to magicians who are skilled and an expert in spotting particular lip movements and guessing the word or phrase that is being uttered by the subject. By doing so they get a strong clue as to what the subject is thinking about. The way this is carried out is that the magician picks up a person from the audience, tells them to think of a word or object and asks them to repeat it multiple times in their head. While the subject is doing this, they usually have a tendency to utter the word in a very low voice that cannot be heard by the magician but can be guessed by him or her by looking at the way the subject’s lips are moving. A mentalist with sharp observation skills can actually guess the word being uttered with a high level of accuracy simply by examining the lip movement. As a rule of thumb, by carefully observing the lip movement, they often focus on picking up the first and last letters of the word after which it becomes quite easy to fill in the middle part.

If you have some other mentalism secrets on your mind, Let us know in the comment section below.


Coin Bending Trick: Learn How to Magically bend the coin

easy coin bending trick

This is a truly one of a kind coin trick that will have even the biggest magic skeptics thinking twice about magical reality. It is physically impossible to bend a coin with your bare hands, no matter how strong you are, but with magic, anything is possible. Read the post to master this amazing coin bending trick.


  • The act is quite simple and straight forward.
  • You will need a coin, most preferably a 50cent coin.
  • Have someone in the audience verify whether indeed the coin is real by holding it, playing with it, and even biting it.
  • Now use all your strength to bend it right before the audience’s eyes

Coin Bending Trick Revealed

  • You will need to use a tool that can bend a coin to bend it. Try to use two pliers, one for holding the coin, and the other for bending the coin.
  • Critically, when bending the coin, make sure you create a bend on the edges of the coin and not from the center. This is very important and you will soon find out why.
  • When a coin is bent on the periphery, it will appear like it is really straight unlike when it is completely bent.
  • What this means is that there is an already bent coin from the beginning.
  • However, you will also need a second coin which is not bent at all.
  • After bending the first coin you will need some very good sleight of hand techniques to hide the coin at the base of your fingers. This is not rocket science and anyone can hold a coin with his fingers at the base using your finger muscles.
  • Now hold the unbent coin with the hand that contains the hidden bent coin. Hold the coin with your fingers tightly.
  • Take the real coin and start acting like you are actually bending it using all your might. Acting will be very essential here.
  • Pretend like you are really tired now and in a desperation move, pretend like you are throwing the coin to your other hand for assistance.
  • What you are really doing, is throwing the bent coin on to your other hand while hiding the unbent coin between your thumb and fingers.
  • Allow the bent coin to drop into the previous’ coin position and start pretending like you are bending it.
  • You can pretend like you are using a lot of strength.
  • Now slowly let the coin emerge revealing its bent shape. The first coin should by now be secretly held between your other finger and thumb.