Coin Disappearing Trick: 3 Cool Coin Vanish Magic Tricks for Beginner.

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  1. The Simple Coin disappearing Trick

This is probably the oldest and easy Coin Disappearing trick out there. It is also known as the false transfer and it can be performed by anyone as it doesn’t require countless hours of practice to perfect it. Try it while with your family members and friends.


  • Place a coin into your palm and lock it in with a strong fist
  • Quickly drop the coin into your next hand
  • Open your other hand and the coin will have mysteriously disappeared.


  1. a) You will need a coin that fits snugly into your hand. A quarter or the old 50 cent will be perfect here.
  2. b) Next, you will need to trap the coin between your thumb and the base of your fingers –most preferably the middle and ring fingers. Make sure you are discrete about the whole act so that you don’t blow your cover.
  3. c) Now, gently act like you are dropping the coin into your other hand in a sliding motion when in fact you will not release the coin from your hand at all.
  4. d) Now open the other hand to reveal total emptiness and dazzle your fans in the process.


While performing this trick, you will have to be careful about the following;

  • Make sure you are very quick with your movements because this is a close up trick. Failure to act quickly, will cause your audience to be apprehensive about the trick.
  • Also make sure you have a complete fist when you are hiding the coin. This is very critical because a large coin will be easily visible if you don’t make a good fist
  • You will also need to practice your hand movements to ensure you act all natural to avoid any suspicions.

  1. Elbow Vanish

This is another disappearing coin trick that is bizarre, but very easy to learn and perform. As long as you have coins and an elbow. It’s very easy.

The Act

  • As with every coin trick, look for a suitable coin that you can work with, but a quarter is the most preferable.
  • You will need to hold the coin tightly between your left thumb and fingers. Sort of like you are pinching at something. If you are left handed, you can perform the trick in a vice versa motion i.e. hold the coin with you right thumb and fingers.
  • Place your right elbow on the table in a horizontal way so that your right hand fingers are facing upwards.
  • Now rub the coin gently on your right elbow.
  • Now accidentally drop the coin from your left hand. It should fall and start rolling around on the table.
  • Pick it up quick and resume your trick
  • Expose your left hand which should be as empty as the Desert


  • Start the trick by ensuring you grab the coin firmly between your left thumb and fingers.
  • Next, rub the coin against your right elbow as the trick suggests
  • Again, just as the trick suggests, drop the coin. But now you know that the coin is not dropped mistakenly, the coin drop is part of the trick.
  • You will need now to pick up the coin with your right hand so that you can drop the coin on to your left hand to continue the trick. Importantly, when you pick up the coin with your right hand, without the aid of your other hand, squeeze it between your thumb and your index finger to completely hide it. Pretend like you have just passed the coin over to your left hand.
  • Now you will need to ensure your left hand still looks like it has a coin by some acting. Make sure your hand is at an angle so that people don’t know what is going on.
  • Return your right hand to its horizontal position and carefully slip the coin into your shirt or tee shirt.
  • Expose your left hand to reveal that the coin has disappeared.



  1. Palm Coin Disappearing Trick

The Palm coin disappearing trick is another variation of the disappearing coin. It has been hailed as being the easiest of all coin disappearing acts.


  • One of your hands will need to be completely empty.
  • Make a very tight closed fist with your other hand
  • Remember to engage the crowd all this time so that you can distract them from the trick.
  • Wave your first hand on the fisted palm while chanting your favorite magical lines.
  • Open your fisted hand to reveal a coin from out of nowhere.

Palm Coin Disappearing trick Revealed

  • Your first hand is actually completely and totally empty from the onset, but your other hand has a well hidden coin it
  • How do you hide the coin? Well, by ensuring your palm muscles are in tip top shape. You will need to strengthen your palm muscles.
  • Now place the coin at the edge of your palm, close to your thumb muscle. Contract that muscle completely to ensure the coin is held firmly.
  • You will need to bring in your thumb to enable the coin to hold firmly.
  • You should also be careful to always have your hand in a relaxed position and not too stretched out or wide. It should really look like there is no coin in your hand. This will need lots and lots of practice until you can perfect the stance.
  • Now show your left palm to the audience while all this time maintaining a perfect hand posture with your right hand to ensure no one suspects that your right hand is holding the coin. If you maintain a good posture with your hand, everybody will have no need of checking it.
  • Now gently form a fist in your right hand and make sure there is a whole at the top of the fist.
  • While waving and uttering some words, discretely drop the coin into the hole and keep the fist.
  • Expose the coin to your audience.

palm Coin disappearing trick video





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