Jeff Mcbride Magic Tricks: Coin Tricks, Card Tricks.

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The Best of Jeff McBride Magic

Jeff McBride is widely considered one of the founding fathers of a unique genre of magic. He is an exceptional performer and a classic magician who has incorporated silent magic perfectly into his routine. Although this genre of magic is not common these days, Mc Bride is still the best at it by a long shot. His act also involves interaction with the audience and great theme songs. Over the years Mc Bride has dazzled fans all over the world with his performances. Here are some of the best Jeff Mcbride Magic Tricks.

  1. The Mask Routine

This is the routine that Jeff Mc Bride is most famous for. It is a classic routine unlike any other. The performance involves the use of magical masks which look to have a life of their own. The masks are of many colors just to make the act appealing. Of particular note is the white mask which usually starts the show. It will pop out of nowhere and cling to his face relentlessly. All efforts to try and remove the mask usually prove futile because it possesses some kind of supernatural force that ensures it will always find its way to Mc Bride’s face. The magical masks also show their magic when new different colored masks appear on Mc Bride’s face even after he removes them. The masks just won’t get off his face.

  1. Coin Tricks

Jeff McBride Magic with Coin

Jeff has also been known to perform an amazing coin disappearance act. This trick relies heavily on great sleight of hand abilities which Mc Bride possesses. He will ask a volunteer to come up on stage. He will then take hold of a metallic vessel and a magic wand. Coins will then start appearing out of nowhere. From his hands, the volunteer’s head and even their nose, ears and mouth. The coins are then collected in the vessel for inspection. The fact that Mc Bride has a long-sleeved coat while performing the act, may be the reason why he is able to pull off this act with such efficiency and precision. But his sleight of hand abilities should also not be taken for granted, and his overall performance in the act is just exemplary.

  1. Miming

During his earlier years, Mc Bride would start his show off with a miming act which was just incredible. He was so good at the miming especially the box act which made it seem like he was actually trapped in an invisible box. He incorporated into his act, very good music that maintained the tempo and rhythm of the whole show. Another great theme of the act was the silent nature of the show. The fact that the whole show was a silent one served to increase the audience’s curiosity towards the mime. The silence also served another great purpose. It helped to ensure that the audience was glued completely to the show and nothing else. All their attention was forcefully directed towards the magician. It also brought uniqueness and mystery around the act.

  1. Card Tricks( Sleight of Hand)

Jeff McBride magic card Trick

Mc Bride has over the years perfected his sleight of hand technique to reach a level of mastership and professionalism. This can be clearly seen with his card routine which he never fails to perform in any show. The act is simple but thoroughly amazing. The magician is seen producing cards from thin air. Cards seem to appear literally out of nowhere. From his fingertips, from his palms and even from his mouth. Audiences all around the world are dazzled by this trick and they will show their appreciation with hearty rounds of applause. But the act doesn’t stop there. After fishing cards out of nowhere, he will go ahead and start throwing the same cards to members of the audience who will willingly scramble to catch the cards. He even has the ability to bounce the cards off the stage and into the audience which is pretty amazing.

Even though big and complex stunts have taken over the magic scene, Mc Bride’s blend of magic is still relevant and deeply entertaining. It is a vintage wine type of magic that is very rare these days. Everyone is quietly hoping that this kind of magic will not die out with the great magician.

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