Coin Bending Trick: Learn How to Magically bend the coin

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This is a truly one of a kind coin trick that will have even the biggest magic skeptics thinking twice about magical reality. It is physically impossible to bend a coin with your bare hands, no matter how strong you are, but with magic, anything is possible. Read the post to master this amazing coin bending trick.


  • The act is quite simple and straight forward.
  • You will need a coin, most preferably a 50cent coin.
  • Have someone in the audience verify whether indeed the coin is real by holding it, playing with it, and even biting it.
  • Now use all your strength to bend it right before the audience’s eyes

Coin Bending Trick Revealed

  • You will need to use a tool that can bend a coin to bend it. Try to use two pliers, one for holding the coin, and the other for bending the coin.
  • Critically, when bending the coin, make sure you create a bend on the edges of the coin and not from the center. This is very important and you will soon find out why.
  • When a coin is bent on the periphery, it will appear like it is really straight unlike when it is completely bent.
  • What this means is that there is an already bent coin from the beginning.
  • However, you will also need a second coin which is not bent at all.
  • After bending the first coin you will need some very good sleight of hand techniques to hide the coin at the base of your fingers. This is not rocket science and anyone can hold a coin with his fingers at the base using your finger muscles.
  • Now hold the unbent coin with the hand that contains the hidden bent coin. Hold the coin with your fingers tightly.
  • Take the real coin and start acting like you are actually bending it using all your might. Acting will be very essential here.
  • Pretend like you are really tired now and in a desperation move, pretend like you are throwing the coin to your other hand for assistance.
  • What you are really doing, is throwing the bent coin on to your other hand while hiding the unbent coin between your thumb and fingers.
  • Allow the bent coin to drop into the previous’ coin position and start pretending like you are bending it.
  • You can pretend like you are using a lot of strength.
  • Now slowly let the coin emerge revealing its bent shape. The first coin should by now be secretly held between your other finger and thumb.
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