Mentalism Secrets: 7 Mentalism Techniques Every beginner should Learn.

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We have all seen a magician do some amazing sleight of hand with coins and cards. But mentalism is a type of magic that gives a new taste for magic lovers. In this modern form of magic mentalist/magician tends to read the mind of people. Cool ain’t it? I mean, just imagine a magician getting inside the head of people and stealing their idea and thought, that’s something we don’t get to see every day. Mentalist are pretty cautious about what they do, they use their mentalism secrets to read people’s mind.

Though it might seem like an impossible task for people to accomplish such difficult goal to be able to read other’s people’s mind, it is actually pretty simple if we understand how it is done. Here we’ll be discussing 7 greatest mentalism secrets every mentalist/magician uses to read other people’s thought. After you completely read through this post, it is guaranteed that you will have a basic idea of mentalism and how it is done.

7  Greatest Mentalism Secrets Revealed

  1. Reading Body Language

Reading body language, one of the most commonly used among all mentalism secrets is based on the idea that people tend to express their thoughts and feelings not only through a deliberate conscious effort like speaking and making physical gestures but also unconsciously in the way they move, look, stand and respond physically. As these subconscious triggered non-verbal cues give a hint to the magician as to whether the subject is actually telling the truth or making things up, it seems from the outside as if the magician is being able to read the subject’s mind through the power of mentalism.

  1. The Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion is a powerful mentalism trick with hypnotism, which in other words can be known as relaxation and rapport, being one of its practical applications. It relies on the science of psychology. Once the subject is in a relaxed state of being with all of their defenses down, they are more likely to trust the magician who is able to suggest ideas and thoughts to the subject. As the subject is highly suggestible, they are more likely to reveal information to the magician without being aware of it. The magician takes advantage of this and makes it seem as if he or she is reading the subject’s mind.

  1. The Laws of Perception.

This mentalism Technique has its roots in neuroscience, i.e. in how visual perception works, how people think verbally and visually, the process of long and short-term memory and so on. A magician does not need to be a graduate with a college degree in neuroscience to be able to use the Laws of Perception. All that they need to know or learn is how the human brain tends to read, categorize and recall information, and how the subject is perceiving themselves and the situation that they are in.

  1. Misdirection

Misdirection is a Mentalism technique a magician can use to convince a subject that their thoughts are being read. The way this is done is that the magician, through his or her words or body language, sows a seed of thought into the subject’s mind and gets them to subconsciously focus on it. This way the subject is thinking exactly what the magician wants them to be thinking of due to which the magician is able to pretend as if he or she has knowledge about the subject’s internal thought process.

  1. Fish For Information

Fishing for information has to do with making broad assumptions in front of the group of subjects such that these assumptions can apply to anyone or anything. Taking a real life example, a magician can make a general statement in front of an audience like “I’m seeing the number 19 really strongly… does this mean something to someone?” Obviously, as a matter of fact, somebody will have some connection with that number in some manner possible and will raise their hand. Using this as a first step the magician will speculate and make further assumptions about the topic. Slowly in a step by step fashion, the magician will progressively narrow down the scope of the topic until it reaches a specific point. This way the magician can fool the audience into thinking that he or she has read their mind.

  1. Watch Their Lips

This mentalism technique is quite useful to magicians who are skilled and an expert in spotting particular lip movements and guessing the word or phrase that is being uttered by the subject. By doing so they get a strong clue as to what the subject is thinking about. The way this is carried out is that the magician picks up a person from the audience, tells them to think of a word or object and asks them to repeat it multiple times in their head. While the subject is doing this, they usually have a tendency to utter the word in a very low voice that cannot be heard by the magician but can be guessed by him or her by looking at the way the subject’s lips are moving. A mentalist with sharp observation skills can actually guess the word being uttered with a high level of accuracy simply by examining the lip movement. As a rule of thumb, by carefully observing the lip movement, they often focus on picking up the first and last letters of the word after which it becomes quite easy to fill in the middle part.

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